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Foreclosed home – do your diligence before buying a foreclosed home

foreclosed homeForeclosed home investments.

Many folks believe that a foreclosed home is the best deals out there.

This is debatable at the very least, nonetheless one can definitely find great deals on foreclosed homes.

There are many different resources where an investor can find these foreclosures, those range from your local county courthouse, a bank, a real estate attorney or via the web on sites like or

When buying any property but especially a foreclosure be certain to do your due diligence.

Doing your homework is vital in order to have success in real estate.

The biggest mistake one can make when buying a foreclosure is buying a property with a second or even third lien that you were not aware of.

The silver lining is that there are resources out there for you to ensure you know exactly what liens are on a property prior to buying.

Liens are a matter of public record once recorded.

You can search the county recorder, clerk, or assessors office online, all you need is the name of the property owner, or its address.

If your county does not have the data online, you will want to visit the county recorder, clerk or assessor’s office in person.

I would also recommend contact listing agent if available and a local title company too, a great resource to find a title company is online @

Below is a sample of free resources containing foreclosed homes available to all folks. These resources will help you in making sure you don’t get burnt and know exactly what liens are against property.

• Search Systems:
• Public Records Online:
• Public Records USA:
• Public Records Research Systems:
• Tax Assessor Database:
• US Foreclosure Laws:

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