Coach Mark Interview

We’ve interviewed our real estate coach Mark regarding his experience with Real Estate Sales LLCreal estate coach mark

Q: Tell us a little about your business and how you got involved with real estate investing coaching…

A: In my previous life, I worked as an administrator at a higher education facility. I have nothing negative to say regarding my previous employer, however after 10 years it became evident to me that it was time for a change. I always had a passion for real estate but never did anything about it. After a long conversation with my wife, I decided to get into real estate. After trying many different programs, I finally came across Real Estate Sales LLC and decided it was time to make the investment in myself and my future.

After some time I closed my first deal and after that first one they started to become a bit easier and started to happen more often. Eventually, I was doing enough deals to take that huge leap and quit my full time job and focus on my real estate career full time. My mentor at Real Estate Sales gave me the courage to take that leap and was supportive throughout that entire process and continues to be a guiding force for me. Through working with real estate sales, I started to understand my market. I learned how to price a property, with both a seller and a buyer, to make a profit. I also learned to how discern great deals from those that were just fair.

I learned the business through wholesaling properties but after some time I became wary of passing the big profits onto other investors and decided I needed to keep those profits for myself, but how? Through the real estate sales system, I was able to find many investors and began to network with those folks. After becoming quite close with a few of them, I told them exactly how I was finding properties through the help of Real Estate Sales LLC and sold them on our business model and thus I was able to form entities with three different sets of investing groups. This enabled me to hold onto those great deals and start building real wealth.

My mentor and I had a great rapport and I suppose he saw how well I was doing and asked if I would like to help other folks find success in real estate through Real Estate Sales LLC. I have always had a desire to help others and believe so strongly in the program Real Estate Sales provides that it was truly an easy decision for me. I enjoy helping others because that is exactly what folks had done for me and I wanted to return the favor. Real Estate Sales offers a tremendous system and I am so glad that I am part of such a wonderful team.


Q: Why Real Estate Sales LLC Coaching program? What are the advantages and disadvantages you see when working with this program

A: There are many different coaching programs out there and a few that are quite good but none can really compare to Real Estate Sales LLC. I have been contacted by some competitors but have never even thought about working for a different coaching program.

Real Estate programs are a dime a dozen, unfortunately most of them are not very good and are more interested in taking folk’s money than actually helping them find success. With any job you have, you better believe in your product because if you don’t, you won’t have much success and neither will those around you.

I believe I have had success as a coach because I believe so strongly in our system and what we provide to our clients.

The advantages with Real Estate Sales are many. We are never satisfied and always looking to improve our system for our clients. The system we have in place is fantastic and was made with the client’s interest at the forefront.

The system is broken down into 6 steps, allowing the client to understand one step before moving onto the next one. Not only do we offer our clients training materials associated with these steps but we also offer training videos that coincide with these steps. In addition to these steps, we give our clients motivated seller leads and cash buyer leads.

While our motivated seller leads has focused primarily on those folks that own vacant properties, we are providing additional verticals for our clients as well, as I mentioned we are never satisfied with the status quo. Another huge advantage is giving our clients access to coaches whom are in the trenches every day and can answer most any question the client has because we have experienced them first hand.

We are not sitting behind desks waiting for our phone to ring, we are out there pounding the pavement doing exactly what we ask our clients to do.

On the other side, they are not many disadvantages I see with the program. I suppose one may be our desire to improve and always looking to offer more to our clients. The information available to our clients may become overwhelming for some folks.

Another obstacle may be the freedom we give our clients and the encouragement we give them on a constant basis to make this business their own, as some clients may not have the time available.

Truthfully if they don’t have the time to make it theirs, they probably won’t have the same success of those that are truly vested.

The pros outweigh the cons by a huge margin. If I didn’t believe this, I would not be working as a coach for Real Estate Sales LLC. This business takes persistence and self-belief. If you have those, and a good head on your shoulders, you can have great success in this business.

Q: Tell us about the learning/working process that you go through with each of your new clients..

A: With each client it is important that I explain the process from beginning thru closing that deal. I believe it is important for my client to know what is coming next and to know that I am here for them and will help them with issues they may have but my expectation is for them to give each a task a try before asking for help.

I make it a point to learn about my clients, I want to know their motivation and why they ultimately decided to sign up with Real Estate Sales LLC. In addition to the above, I make an effort to learn about their area and those cities/towns within a 60 mile radius of them.

I want all my clients to feel like they can call me whenever they have a question or need help with something, in order to do this I try to make them feel as comfortable as possible and create that rapport with them.

I work with each one of my clients from setting up their voicemail to printing letters, to figuring out comps and what they can offer for a property, to how to speak to motivated sellers, to signing contracts, to marketing those deals, to closing those deals to building those relationships with folks that will enable them to be successful.

It’s important that my clients know that I am here for them with any and all questions they may have. Many folks have questions through the process and I encourage those questions, however I want to make sure my clients are vested and doing their homework and I’ll put them on the spot on phone calls to make sure they have indeed put in the necessary time to learn the system.

My clients know they can be in touch whenever they need me. I prefer text messages because I may be working on a deal myself and may not be available to speak with them at that very moment, either way I always get back in touch with my clients within 2 hours with an update.


Q: What are some of the challenges in Real Estate Investing Market that clients may not be aware of…

A: There are many challenges in the real estate investment market that most clients may not be aware of.

The first is that there is competition out there and other folks who are trying to go after same properties you are, so you better differentiate yourself from these folks or you won’t have the success that you deserve.

Another huge challenge is finding the right price to offer for a home and to learn what you can offer for a property and what you can’t. It is not always as easy as going by a formula, a lot of times it takes knowing the area, history/condition of home and building relationships with other investors to know what a cash buyer would be willing to pay for a specific property.

In addition to the above, the biggest challenge folks might not be aware of is that it takes time and work to find those great deals to wholesale. An individual needs persistence and patience while in this business.

Remember, the most important thing you need in this business is a motivated seller, so don’t waste your time with those tire kickers.

When you find those truly motivated folks you need to create that rapport and sell them on what you are able to bring to the table. It’s not going to be easy but it’s definitely worth the time and effort.

This is not a get rich quick business and takes time to find success. Persistence and patience is an absolute must.