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Apr 10 Benefits of Wholesaling properties

Many folks ask me why I wholesale properties and what the appeal to it is. Wholesaling properties is a fantastic way to make money without risking your own investment dollars. While it may be true that you do not have the opportunity to make as much as the final investor you also don’t have the… Read more

Mar 30 Networking in Real Estate

Networking is vital for any successful real estate investor. If you want to be productive in this business don’t try to do it alone. Your network is who helps you in your investing. Networking  in real estate is actually one of the biggest difference makers in real estate investing. Folks what are successful investing in… Read more

Mar 26 Starting in Real Estate Investing

When most people consider starting in real estate investing business, it is not uncommon for them to believe that it will take much too long for their investments to amount to anything, so why take the time or the risk? Whether you are (or want to be) a real estate developer, commercial real estate agent,… Read more

Mar 03 What it takes to build Your Real Estate Business

When you are thinking to build your real estate business, and making money in real estate,  you need to be sure you have a business plan in place and have goals for your entity. When building a real estate business, you need a mentor, someone that you can go to with any and all questions… Read more

Feb 20 How to determine what to pay for Investment property

Investors should know how to determine what to pay for an investment property. Of course the decision is subjective and depends on an individual’s tolerance for risk. The most important number for an investor to find is the Net Operating Income of an investment property. In a nutshell Net Operating Income is what an investor… Read more

Feb 10 Major types of Loans available for purchasing real estate

A loan is a means of financing an expenditure. A lender views a loan differently, they see the loan as an investment and just like any other investor, they are looking for a profitable return on their investment. For a lender, a loan must generate enough income to be attractive as an investment, this income… Read more

Feb 03 Types of listing Agreements

You should be aware of the most used Types of listing Agreements if you are Investing in real estate is a full time job and can take a lot of time and effort. As an investor you want to do whatever you can to give yourself the highest return possible. After you finish renovating your… Read more

Jan 22 Encumbrances on real estate and importance of title search

In order to make money in real estate one needs to be able to buy low and sell high. In order to make this happen one needs to find a motivated seller, this seller has to be motivated and have clear title to the property. Title is the right to own land and the evidence… Read more

Jan 12 What can I do with a Real Estate License and Do I Need One?

Investors always ask me if it is worthwhile for them to get a real estate license – the answer depends on each individual situation. Having a real estate license will ultimately save you quite a bit of money when you sell the property as you won’t need to pay the commission fee. With that being… Read more

Jan 05 Real Estate Investing is the smartest and best way to invest

Do you want to know which is the smartest and best way to invest your money? With the real estate market on the rise, everybody is wanting to get in the action and start investing in real estate. Where is the best place to invest your money? The answer really comes down to personal preference,… Read more