Flip Cheap Houses

FLIP CHEAP HOUSES ™ is an easy, online software that allows you to search for the high equity, vacant properties in your area.

Flip Cheap Houses is a complete real estate sales system. Instead of spending countless hours driving around mindlessly looking for vacant property and then going down to the local county court house thumbing through piles of documents; we have taken thousands of hours of work and condensed it down in seconds.

Resulting in quick and actionable results that create profits – faster. We buy multiple data streams from multiple sources, aggregate them, combine them and filter them.

Whether you’re a wholesaler, rehabber or landlord real estate investor, you know that “you make your money when you buy the house.”

You also know that the best deals come from truly motivated sellers, otherwise they’d sell at market prices with realtors.

We identify these properties in all 3000 counties throughout the country, their owners and contact records for you so that you can zero in on the best deals before your competition does

And with a monthly updated list of vacant properties with high equity, you’ll never run out of leads.

Vacant house owners are losing money. They need to rent it or sell it. If you’re not there to help them out, then your competition will be.

For more information please see the Webinar below or visit www.flipcheaphouses.com

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