Real Estate Sales LLC Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials
Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Interview with Students Adam & Bridget – Success story

Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Interview with Students Heath & Kathy – Success story

Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Interview with Student Joe – Success story

Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Interview with Student Bob – Success story

Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Interview with Student Rick – Success story

Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Interview with Student Chad – Success story

Please check the video below to see Chad’s feedback about Real Estate Sales LLC training.

Chad is already making money with our Real Estate Investing Coaching program and all this without using his own money. (check this article for proof)


Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Interview with Student Bethann – Success story

Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Interview with Alex & Yolanda – Success story

Reviews and Testimonials
Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Interview with Cathleen & Paul – Success story

Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Interview with Student Mark – Success story

Below is an interview with one of our students Mark giving us feedback and testimonial. Enjoy! Mark already closed some deals and he started to make money with our real estate investing school / investing program. Here is a video proving Mark is already making money with our training.

Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Interview with Student Jacob – Success story

Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Interview with Student Doug – Success story

Reviews and Testimonials
Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC – audio testimonial from Kevin – success story

Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Interview with Student Jon – Success story

Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Interview with Student Heather – Success story

Results Driven Real Estate School – Real Estate Sales LLC shares with you its clients testimonials and reviews. We are BBB Acredited and we love doing our best to bring our students to find success.

We are taking these interviews serie, in order to be transparent and to offer valuable info to anybody that thinks to start learning investing in real estate, but more important to discover our client’s expectations, goals and vision.

Below you can find our student and client Heather interviewed by her coach Nick Bailey.


Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Interview with Robert & Dylan – Success story

Reviews and Testimonials

I cannot say how excited I am to be working with Real Estate Sales LLC and my Coach/Mentor! It’s great to have a coach that is available to you 7 days a week. I’m getting this real estate business started on the side from my regular JOB and I need a coach/mentor that is available to me 7 days a week working around my schedule. This was a big deal to me when I was checking out Real Estate Sales, LLC. I need to be productive with whatever time I can put towards this business because my goal is when I meet or beat my regular job income I want to quit and concentrate on building my own family business and build wealth for my kids and grandkids.

I heard Real Estate Sales, LLC had a much different system than all these other real estate seminar and coaching companies and it became reality when I started getting calls within just a few days of sending letters to the motivated sellers they gave me……. and then the fun began!

My coach/mentor is walking me through the process and helping me understand every single property opportunity that comes my way. My coach/mentor and I recently worked through the sale of a property. With the down payment I received from the Cash Buyer and the escrow amount, I made just under $27,000! (See Escrow Amount in Picture) $21,850.61).

Click Here to See Actual Check!

IF you are thinking about investing in real estate and you want to learn from active investors, this is the right company!


Reviews and Testimonials


We signed up with Real Estate Sales just over a year ago. We signed up with no experience or knowledge of real estate or real estate investing. Through Real Estate Sales LLC’s leads and mentoring as well as our consistent hard work, we have done several deals!! We were coming up on our 1 year with Real Estate Sales LLC and knew we definitely wanted to continue with our coach and continue to get the quality leads. We decided to negotiate a new contract with our Coach and Real Estate Sales LLC as we know how valuable the leads and mentoring are to our business and to our continued success. We are so pleased with the outcome and the consistency with the everyday real life investing advice from our mentor!

Thank you Mark for your dedication and patience with us. This is a new endeavor, everything is unfamiliar but with your support and knowledge we are opening new doors. We really do appreciate your time and effort. Thank you for always being positive and helping us stay positive to achieve our goal. We strongly believe that God puts people in our lives for a reason…I can honestly say i am not a very patient person (Nigel will agree), so i am glad that we have you Mark 🙂 Thank you !!

I live in Florida and have been working with Real Estate Sales for a few months. The experience has been very knowledgeable/profitable and our coach has been great in every aspect. This is the best real estate school ever!

The first option that we signed was exciting. Now, few months into the process we have recently closed on our 4th deal. This deal made us 15k. We quickly learnt that not every deal is simple, although this one was not a walk in the park, we did have our coach to guide and answer any question or concern we had.

Sky is the limit. We know we made the right choice with Real Estate Sales and we hope to continue to succeed.

I have just closed another deal with real estate sales and wanted to share. I started not knowing the first thing about real estate but in a short time I have become extremely knowledgeable. The support has been great and the leads provided have been tremendous. I have done quite a few deals and know more are to come. The system works and will work for the rookie as well as the professional investor.

Best regards

Nigel and Penny

Reviews and Testimonials

I cannot express how excited we are to be working with our Coach and Real Estate Sales LLC. We started on Sept 22, 2017 and we were working hard marketing and working the process after a few short days. Within the first week we were getting very promising calls and in a hurry to continue training by Sept 29, 2017. We signed our first option Oct 11, 2016 and just sold it Oct 30, 2017. I am thankful that my coach is working the system too and knows what obstacles we could run into. It is so refreshing to know that when I call with a question, he is giving me real life advice. With experience of investing himself. We now have goals in place to be out of our jobs and live our dream of working our own business full time.

November Update: We are excited to report that we have signed 4 contracts in the first 2 weeks and just sold 2 more properties for a total of 3!! We are so excited with the direction this is going and what we can see in our future. This program has made our dreams become more of a reality.

Jon & Marilyn

Reviews and Testimonials

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working with Real Estate Sales LLC and my coach. I started marketing to motivated sellers around the first of August 17’. I trusted the process and did what the training materials and my coach suggested. Then around the middle of August 17’ I signed my first option contract! I cannot believe or express my excitement with the possibilities that lye ahead. Then during the first week of October 17’, I SOLD my first property and made what the company said I would make which helps justify my decision to work with Real Estate Sales LLC. I heard some people asking if Real Estate Sales LLC is scam. It is not! It is legit. I can tell and I am excited about the future of this business and the the time I have gained with my family!

Josh & Kayla

Reviews and Testimonials

My wife and I decided to get into a business of our own. We started looking into franchising and soon found out that not only was it expensive but, we still had to be locked into one spot for many hours of everyday of the week. Not to mention that it is very possible that we would not see profits for some time. Then, we started looking into Real Estate as a profession and as a business. We heard about Real Estate Sales LLC on the radio and decided to look into it. We were so glad we did,. the staff at Real Estate Sales LLC are top notch! They were with us every step of the way from start to finish and they have no problem supplying all the information they could provide and still do to this day! My wife and I have written numerous contracts and know exactly, how to market them to buyers for top dollar! We were also surprised of all the potential profits out there and It is only a matter of months (NOT YEARS) that we both w! ill quit our full time jobs, work as Real Estate investors and finally get to spend all the time we want with our family. Real Estate Sales has definitely surpassed all our expectations and we will always be grateful for all their help. Not only are they our mentors but, we also consider them our friends. Thank you all for everything. You guys changed our lives for the better!

Eddie and Darice

As we say in our family.. .Pura-Vida !! – ( PURE LIFE)

Reviews and Testimonials

After working through the system with my coach, I am so glad I chose Real Estate Sales LLC. Not only did they put me with a coach that is doing what I am doing everyday but the training is extremely interactive. It’s nice to have a coach I can run things by about any time.

With the marketing that the system lays out for you, and the networking they encourage, things are looking great. I went to an investment association meeting and was asking questions of wholesalers/investors that have been working the business for well over a year. They knew very little compared to what my coach and the training have taught me. And in the time, they have been working the business they have yet to buy or sell a property. I am so excited and thankful for what is to come.


Reviews and Testimonials

My wife and I enjoy working with our mentor at Real Estate Sales LLC. We are working with several motivated sellers that have signed contracts. We are so excited with the way things are going and are encouraged that we have a mentor that is working the system and dealing with the highs and lows of the business just like we are. He has given some insightful ways in making things progress and building a strong foundation for our business.

Mac & Lavette

Reviews and Testimonials

I spent a 3-day weekend at a different Real Estate Investing company seminar with a friend who will be my partner in future ventures. By the second day we had still learned nothing and figured a hard sell was coming. Was not sure about going the third day (Sunday), but was hoping for some insights, glimmers, possibilities, anything other than it all being a piece of cake. Which anyone with any brains knows isn’t true. The price alone knocked us both DOWN.

Real Estate Sales LLC and my coach, the man I am working with now, sugar coats nothing, gets back to me same day about what ever my questions are, gives me homework and works with me on whatever I need. Best thing I ever decided to do for me in the long run. I wish I did this 40 years ago.


Reviews and Testimonials

With life throwing us curve balls, my wife and I decided it was time to build our own future. After much consideration, we bought into Real Estate Sales LLC, with the dream of investing in real estate. We have been so happy with the guidance and support we have received. The training materials are fantastic and the coaching has been spot on. After putting the process in motion with our coach the phone started ringing and we were meeting motivated Sellers. The system most definitely works! We are so excited for the coming success and could not be any happier with Real Estate Sales LLC.

Rich & Charisse

Reviews and Testimonials

Working as an RN for a Home Health Company, traveling the U.S. every week away from my family it was time for a change. After being away from family for years, the desire for being close to to home was a dream. I then found Real Estate Sales LLC and decided to start a business with my son.

I won’t tell you that there wasn’t a lot of doubt and frustration in the beginning. My coach pushed us hard to trust the process and it will work. I wouldn’t be writing this if it didn’t! He would say all the time that we need to get your first one! Once you do, the rest will be easy. We are starting to get some momentum and the future looks exciting.

Now we sold one! Such a relief! We have so many good properties under contract and are continuing to build relationships with buyers.


Reviews and Testimonials

I have owned a very successful business for many years and love the chase of success. In researching new businesses to start after selling my current business, I found Real Estate Sales LLC. I was tired of working so hard for my paycheck, I wanted to learn how to make my money work for me.

When starting the business in real estate, I was in a position with my current company that I had the time needed to work the process. The training materials were laid out well and my mentor gave me “in the trenches” advice that I don’t feel I could’ve gotten anywhere else. As time went on, the new president of the company that I sold but still work for resigned and I was being pushed into the position. As a result, I didn’t have the time to focus like I wanted but I still wanted and needed to proceed. My mentor is working with me to build my business so it will almost run itself. Because of owning my own business, I know how important the process of the business is to the success. I am very excited for the future success in real estate investing with my money working for me.


Reviews and Testimonials

I am at a stage in my life where there is a lot of uncertainty. I finally wanted to write my own destiny and quit working for the man. Making him rich instead of me. In searching through franchises and business opportunities I found Real Estate Sales LLC. I have a couple of my own rental properties and really wanted to expand on what I started.

In starting with my coach with apprehension and uncertainty, building and understanding the process, things are really starting to make sense. My coach has spent a lot of time explaining to me what I don’t understand. Making sure that what we are doing is complete and is done with a purpose.

I am so glad that I am not in this alone. I have a mentor that is doing what I am doing every single day. Giving me real life experience answers that he knows works. We are working hard to put together the foundation to the business. It is refreshing to ask my mentor questions and he answers them with certainty from the mistakes that he has already made that I don’t have to.


Reviews and Testimonials

I made the decision to invest in the opportunity of Real Estate wholesaling with Real Estate Sales, LLC ( Flipcheaphouses ). My Coach has been a great mentor throughout. They provide great training materials and are there to help you every step of the way where even a beginner can learn the business in less than a week. They literally save you months of work by providing scripts, video tutorials, documents, and follow-up sessions with each student to track their progress. It has not even been 2 weeks and am already close to signing two properties off of the first 100 contacts that Nick provided to me. Follow your mentors instructions and do your homework and you can truly build a successful business. Great teams have great coaches and this is what Real Estate Sales, LLC provides!


Reviews and Testimonials

I’m now in my third week with Real Estate Sales LLC and am so pleased with the service and training. I was introduced to my Coach on the same day I joined. Very reliable and professional! Stayed true to his commitment to be available any time 7 days a week. All my questions and concerns were answered on a timely manner either by phone, email or text. Top Notch Training! Very informative, interesting and specific. One in particular under step 3 , explaining the Bid Sheet, where Coach Nick stated “We are not speculators…We are fact finder!” So true in our business model. I’m still learning and making mistakes. With My Coach guiding, correcting and leading me, there’s no doubt I’m heading in the right direction to achieve success!”


Reviews and Testimonials

I am now in my third month with Real Estate Sales LLC, last week I had my first two closings. Things are really starting to get moving.

I basically do just what the company has trained me to do. I send out between 150 and 200 letters a week looking for Motivated sellers. That will generate between 10 and 15 motivated sellers who call me back and want information from me.

The company has been very helpful and supportive, any questions or concerns I get immediate answers, as well as suggestions as to how I can improve when I’m doing.

It is obviously still very early in my time with Real Estate Sales LLC, but I see myself getting more proficient, better at time management, and I can see this improving to get to the point where I can have at least one closing per month.

Todd & Dixie

Reviews and Testimonials

Thanks Real Estate Sales! Mark is a great coach and is always willing and able to assist us. We have followed his lead and guidance and the calls have steadily come in. We met with several motivated sellers this past week and have gained the confidence to close the deals currently in our pipeline. I am currently receiving calls almost daily from distressed clients looking to sell their home. We are looking forward to having 3 deals under contract this week! Thanks for all the encouragement and being there for me and my wife whenever we needed support.

John & Terry

Reviews and Testimonials

My Wife and I began to work with Real Estate Sales LLC or Flip Cheap Houses about 10 days ago. We were assigned to Mark as our coach. Mark has been great in helping us organize as well as gather all the appropriate information to begin our own LLC. Within the first few days Mark was great in finding us hundreds of leads on potential motivated sellers. We started with sending out our letters and within 2 days we were receiving countless phone calls from potential sellers. Since our phone calls Mark has been with us every step of the way answering all questions as well as giving us great advice that we believe will lead to great success.

With the great advice and guidance from Mark, coupled with the training material laid out for us we believe this business will be a success.

John and Samantha

Reviews and Testimonials

I will start by saying Real Estate Sales LLC knows their stuff!! Being new to this industry and learning as we go with my wife. Nick is always there to answer any questions we may have—morning noon or night! I will sometimes text him at night and he still responds within minutes via text or email. Nick is a friend, mentor and a great coach! When working with Nick he treats you with a level of respect and compassion even if you don’t know what you’re doing.”

Carl and Elizabeth

Reviews and Testimonials
Reviews and Testimonials

I began working with FlipCheapHouses 5 weeks ago. I had recently retired and was looking at a way to develop my own business. I researched this company and found them to be solid, and their training material seemed to be top notch.

I have had great help from Coach Nick, as he always has time for my questions and concerns, even the DUMB ones. We talk at least once a week, and I know I can call/text him anytime to get help.

The training material is very extensive and easy to understand. I am simply following the directions I have been given, and the results are better than I had expected. I feel confident that by listening and reading the training material, then following through with it, I will be successful.


Reviews and Testimonials

We have been involved with Real Estate Sales, LLC for about 4 weeks. We are glad we made the decision to invest in this opportunity. Our Coach, Mark Speilman, has been right there with us every step of the way. We mailed letters to Motivated Sellers within a few days of getting started. Three days later we received our first response to our letter and it has not slowed down since. We appreciate the time Mark has spent not only teaching us the business, but encouraging us, too. He is a great mentor, and we are so happy to be working with him. We can’t wait to see our business grow in the coming months by following his direction.


Reviews and Testimonials

My wife Heather and I have had an excellent experience thus far with Real Estate Sales LLC. Our coach Nick has been fantastic, and has really helped us get off to a great start. Nick has been available whenever we have needed to get in touch with him, and his insight has really steered us down the right path.

We have been only been doing this for two weeks, and already have 4 properties under contract! We’re looking forward to working hard to turn these opportunities into cash as soon as possible.

Brian and Heather

Reviews and Testimonials

In 2016, my wife was diagnosed with Liver cancer. At this point, my life began to change. We went from two incomes to one income which was my income. I was a Software Engineer with a Fortune 500 Company making six figures a year. My wife was in and out of the hospital all year long fighting cancer and I was by her side every step of the way. Unfortunately, on January 7, 2017, my wife passed away leaving me with two wonderful kids. But on top of my wife passing away, my job terminated me two weeks after the death of my wife. I felt like the whole world was against me. My job gave me a Severance Package and I cashed out my 401K so my kids and I could survive till I found another job. I searched and searched for jobs and nothing came my way. My wife and I always had a dream to do Real Estate together. I started searching for Franchises and I ran across “Real Estate Sales LLC”. I liked the idea and concept that Real Estate Sales LLC presented me but I was very skeptical. This was my life savings and all the money I had to my name. I had to be very careful with my investment because I could lose it all. I searched the Internet about Real Estate Sales LLC. I did all my homework on the company. I decided to purchase the Real estate Sales LLC Program and this has been the best decision of my life. Just as they promised, the same day I purchased the program. I was introduced to my coach Nick Bailey. Nick has been incredible far beyond my imagination. I can call Nick anytime of the day or night he answers. Sometimes I do not even discuss Real Estate just need to vent on life and Nick is there to pull me out my current state and motivates me to move forward. Nick is more than a Coach; he is a great friend that cares about you and your success. Nick believes in treating people the way he wants to be treated with honesty and respect and that’s what you will get from Nick is honesty and respect. I wished I would have discovered this opportunity a long time ago. It’s been a great journey and making money at the same time. With Nick in my corner, I can say with confidence, I will see you at the top. Take care!

James &Monica

Reviews and Testimonials

Dear Brian/Real Estates Sales, LLC.,

Wanted to thank you for all of your HELP. I began with you in Feb. of 2015 and was making progress but unfortunately was involved in an almost fatal motorcycle accident in May of 2015 which really affected my ability to follow up with you . When I had recovered from the physical injuries and TBI (traumatic brain injury ) in Feb. 2017 I reached back out to you about where I was and received great news. Because I was unable to work with you I was concerned but when we spoke Brian you told me it wasn’t a problem and that you were ready to help me however you could.

When we began again in Feb. 2017 things were a bit different but better from my point of view. Our conversations have been exciting, educational and very helpful. The website data available on line through you is very helpful and helps me understand the best ways to oversee my business. Your assistance in setting up the master spreadsheet was very helpful and with this data available quickly really helps me control who, what, where and how to follow-up with my potential clients. This tool and the available printed option/ purchase documents available is also great. So far in 2017 I have made some great progress and have clients I’m working with.
Wanted to say thanks again to you Brian/Real Estate Sales, LLC for me and my college freshman daughter Kaylyn. She has begun to show interest and who knows could be fun for both of us or at least help us be able to pay the college bills. With this opportunity Brian I truly believe great things are coming and very much look forward your mentoring, it has changed my life.
Thank you very much Brian/Real Estate Sales, LLC.for your help and belief in me…..



Reviews and Testimonials

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Real Estate Sales, LLC and particularly my mentor – Nick Bailey. Nick has the patience of a saint and the motivation of Zig Ziggler! He has the ability to find a way out of almost every negative turn and create a positive. While feeling that I was off to a slow start, I had a deal that I thought for sure was going to fall apart. I called Nick in a panic and he guided me through some very creative ways to both save the deal AND provide profit/value to all involved (including me). I can plainly see that this thing will work as long as you stay focused, positive, and utilize your mentor.

Rik V.

Reviews and Testimonials
Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales, LLC and is a “God Send” for anyone desiring to make a lot of money rehabbing/flipping/improving the condition of vacant vandalized houses in your community, town and state. The key to achieving the above is having a knowledgeable and available “Coach/Mentor” which we have in the person of Mark. Beginning with our first phone communication, Mark has provided My wife and me meaningful encouragement, practical advice and structure for our start-up company.

Harry & Barbara

Reviews and Testimonials

Mark, Cindy & I truly appreciate the expertise you have provided to us. We have purchased and sold a few homes, but never from an Investment position. Your guidance, patience, and education has lessened the intimidation, and supported our confidence to negotiate in becoming successful Real Estate Investors. We enjoy the candid conversations and look forward to your continued Mentorship to our new careers.

Ruben & Cindy

Reviews and Testimonials
Reviews and Testimonials

Nick it has been a pleasure working with you. Your mentorship has been tremendous for me.

When I started in real estate investing I knew nothing about the process of wholesaling Real Estate. At every step of the way you were able to help me overcome challenges and position myself to be effective negotiator and closer of real estate deals.

I expect to do more with your support. I can’t imagine being in this business without your help and mentorship. Thank you again for all you’ve done.

Keith K.

Reviews and Testimonials
Reviews and Testimonials


Excellent Book choice btw! I couldn’t stop listening to it and will more than likely finish it tomorrow!

Just a little story before I go.

I signed the 140 S Fulton Ct property and was getting into my truck when the neighbor, came out to ask me if they were selling the property. I said, “yes sir, that’s why I’m here”. His reply was that he knows many people in the area looking for such a small property, in fact he knows the perfect family friend that was looking for a spot close to him.

I at this point was kinda dumbfounded, though I somehow managed to keep my composure.
I said “Sir, may I call you tomorrow, and I can give you an idea of what the house is going to be sold for”

He said “My name is Dr. Lopez” and gave me his number and explained that he also knows contractors in the area that would work with his friend!

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that, THIS is proof positive, that when you get out of your own way, AWESOME SHIT HAPPENS!

I’ve taken what I’ve been listening to, YOU (especially), books, and my own personal awesomeness, will change my life and the area that I’ve grown up around to be better than it’s been for over 50 years!

You told me at the 2nd week that when you see “it”, you said you couldn’t explain it, (which I get now) that I would get it. I have gotten it!

What you do and how your doing it is the greatest gift you could give anyone! I appreciate who you are, and what you stand for, though we’ve never met face to face. Keep being AWESOME my friend!

Thank you so much,


Reviews and Testimonials

We started looking into franchises earlier this year, the startup costs for most were well beyond what we were willing to invest.

I saw Real Estate Sales LLC on a franchise website, after a couple emails and phone calls with Brian, we set up our introduction call with Amy Keith.

The call was very professional, courteous and gave us the information we needed to make a decision without pressing us to buy their product.

We decided to give it a try and we were matched with Nick Bailey as our coach.

I cannot say enough good things about Nick and the way he has helped us get started in this business.

I am not the easiest person to coach as I like to do things my own way, but Nick has worked with me to use the vast amount of information provided to get our company off to a good start.

Nick is quick to answer any questions I have had, which have been quite a few, and has helped me work through a couple of tough situations already.

We signed our first property in about 2 weeks from getting started and sold it within a month after signing it, we currently have 7 properties under contract since we started 2 ½ months ago.

We look forward to our continued work with Real Estate Sales LLC and working with Nick.

Chris and Amy

Video Testimonial by Chris and Amy

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Reviews and Testimonials

Real Estate Sales LLC gave us the tools to have great success in real estate investing. The leads of motivated sellers and cash buyers have been fantastic from day one.

Real Estate Sales gave us the systems we needed to start a business and the guidance we needed to have a successful one.

Real Estate Sales provides you with a coach who is not only accessible and knowledgeable but is also in the trenches doing the same exact thing as you.

Becky and I made an investment in Real Estate Sales 8 months ago and have had such success that I was able to quit my full time job on August 1 and become my own boss! Investing in Real Estate Sales is the best decision I ever made.


Reviews and Testimonials
Reviews and Testimonials

Hi this testimonial is for clients of the Flip Cheap Houses program.

My name is Latasha and my business partner is Natalie and we work with Nick.

We have been in business less than 2 months and have 5 properties under contract.

There was a learning curve at first, but once we read and studied the material Nick gave us it started to come together and make sense.

We listen to everything our coach has to say even when we don’t see the vision.

He knows what this business looks like once its successful and that is what we want.

So it is imperative that you follow what he says to the letter if you want what he has.

Otherwise why are you here? This can be the business you have always wanted or at very least the side business you have wanted.

So, best advice ever, listen to your coach at Real Estate Sales LLC. We did, and we are crushing it!


Latasha and Natalie


Reviews and Testimonials
Reviews and Testimonials

You may NOT understand the absolute blessing you and Real Estate Sales LLC (RES) has been to me and my family! You see about a year and a half before we bought into the Real Estate Sales LLC program my wife had lost her job; after 15 years on the job they paid her NO SEVERENCE! While I make well over six figures a year in my job, with the loss of her income I found us upside-down (in the negatives) every month since her layoff. Every month I had to chip away at our savings just to make our monthly expenses… we had ONLY $10,000 left in our savings when I read about RES in a business magazine. After some extensive discussion with my wife and some sincere soul-searching; we pulled out the very last dime out of our savings feeling in our gut that RES had a solid program (not like so many fly-by-night scams we see on late night TV) and we believed in our hearts we could make that program work successfully.

We were assigned to Brian as our mentor and guide in learning and understanding how to succeed in wholesaling real estate; and I’m very grateful for that assignment. Amongst all my silly questions and bad mistakes Brain remained patient and very supportive in aligning my thinking while providing specific instruction on what my next action should be! There has NOT been a single time where Brian was unable to quickly respond to any question, calls, emails or voicemails I may have left for him; night, day or weekend he was available.

My first deal was filled with mistakes that I made, so much so that I thought the deal would have to be scrapped. But through Brian’s direction was able to turn what seemed to be an entire loss into a $2,000 deal – thanks Brian! :)) And on my second deal Brian helped me avoid a huge mistake of splitting a large spread on the 50/50 with a co-wholesaler who found the Buyer for the deal…instead paying him (the co-wholesaler) a couple grand – again, thanks Brian! :)) Through Brian’s mentorship we were able to take our last bit of savings ($10,000) and more than double it inside four months!!!

Clearly this program works and their mentors know what they are doing… I‘m looking forward to working with you and Brian over the years to come, in what I’m sure will be a fulfilling and profitable relationship.



Reviews and Testimonials
Reviews and Testimonials

Just a Thought…

I have been working the Real Estate Business for about 2 months now. I was scared to death when I started. From the start-up money to now has been a little concerning. But, I have to admit that this process has been awesome and feasible because of my mentor. Motivation is something that we sometimes have to find, and it can be hard. My mentor Brian has both motivated me from day one, and has made this process for me an awesome experience.

I have never had to call more than once to get ahold of my mentor. I must admit that he has spoiled me a little. I almost expect him to answer the phone or call me right back. That is the rapport that he has built with me. The way he explains the process and steps makes you feel confident and sure that you will not only be successful, but you can change your life for the better. I am not sure about other mentors, but I have the best one. NO DISRESPECT!!!


Reviews and Testimonials

Nick and Brian,

I wanted to thank the two of you for all you have done for me thus far and couldn’t be more excited for this endeavor. Based on the success i have had in a short time I wanted to write a quick testimonial for you to share with others who may be considering Real estate sales and need a push, so here goes:

I have been looking for various business opportunities for the past few years, but like most people i have been hesitant to pull the trigger as I worry about the legitimacy of the company, how much money I could make and how much money would need to come out of my pocket. Realestatesalesllc is the real deal! I was apprehensive about it at first, but after speaking with Amy and Brian and doing quite a bit of research, I convinced myself to take a risk and go for it.

I signed an agreement with Real Estate Sales LLC 15 days ago and I could not be any happier with the support and results we have had thus far. My mentors have held my hand which is exactly what i needed and to say the results have been good would be a huge understatement. supplied me with a list of motivated sellers in my area as well as other supporting documentation. I sent out my first batch of letters 8 days ago and the response has been extraordinary, my phone literally hasn’t stopped ringing. Realestatesales gives you everything a business would need to be successful and the lists of clientele they provide you with is absolute gold. I urge you to take a leap of faith and join, I assure you that you will be happy that you did.

All the best,



RealEstateSales LLC




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