Having the right real estate team at your side makes all the difference. At Real Estate Sales LLC, our Mentors/Investors use the latest industry tools and marketing methods to make sure every project is on track and that you remain informed.Our overriding philosophy is to not just create development strategies, but to create smart, flexible strategies that work in an ever shifting environment.

1. What sets Real Estate Sales, LLC apart from competitors?

When working with Real Estate Sales, LLC you will be working one-on-one with an experienced real estate investor that is going to be your personal coach/mentor for a minimum 12 months. Your coach/mentor will not only be teaching you the current and correct methods and strategies of real estate investing, he will also be providing you with everything necessary and walking you through getting the transactions done! Your coach is an active investor so is teaching you from real life experiences. Real Estate Sales has developed a proprietary software we so are also able to provide our clients with data for motivated seller and cash buyers. We have made this very turn-key for our clients!

2. Who will my coach be?

Real Estate Sales will match you with a coach we believe is the best fit for you and will help you reach your goals.

3. How often can I be in touch with my coach?

You have unlimited access to your coach! Our coaches are available to their clients from 8 am until 10 pm daily.

4. How are motivated seller leads defined?

Motivated seller leads are defined as individuals who have high equity in a vacant property; folks whom own non-producing assets

5. How are cash buyer leads defined?

Cash buyer leads are individuals that have bought at least 2 properties with cash in the past 6 months in your specific area.

6. Am I limited to a certain # of leads?

We recommend our clients send out 200 letters to motivated sellers each week. We can provide you with as many leads as you want to send out up to 2000 leads/month.

7. When will I receive cash buyer leads?

Clients receive cash buyer leads after they sign their first Option Contract.

8. Do I need any prior real estate investing experience?

No. Most of our clients have never invested in real estate prior to joining us.

9. Does Real Estate Sales provide study materials?

Absolutely! We provide training material that coincides with what you’ll be learning and doing with your personal coach/mentor

11. Does Real Estate Sales provide sample contracts?

Yes. We provide ourclients with all necessary Contracts and Agreements.

12. Are there “How To” Videos available for clients?

Yes. “How To” training videos are provided on our website with unlimited access using the client User Name and Password.

13. Does Real Estate Sales have investor friendly Title companies for their clients?

Real Estate Sales has a close relationship with a National Title company. Our clients have the ability to use this Title company, although we do also recommend finding a local title company.

14. How do I determine comps and what I can offer for a property?

Real Estate Sales has a unique system in place to determine comparable homes as well as an automated high low bid sheet to determine the range you can offer for a property.

15. Does Real Estate Sales have systems in place for their clients?

Absolutely! We have implemented and perfected a 6 Step System. We walk our clients through every aspect of Real Estate Investing from start to finish! We are committed to our client’s success and do all we can to help them reach their goals.