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Interview with Coach Nick

We interviewed our coach Nick.

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Q: Tell us a little about your business and how you got involved with real estate investing coaching…

A: I have been in the construction industry for over 20 years and have owned my own residential remodeling business for the last 14 years. I love remodeling and expanding residential properties and have flipped several homes in my career.

I hated finding homes that were terribly overpriced and impossible to make a profit on. I was challenged by a client of mine to find a way to get properties “off market”. He said that if I figured that out, I would make so much more money. I searched for months and finally found Real Estate Sales LLC.

I love the hunt! I knew marketing was the answer in finding the properties, but who and how am I able to get ahold of the homeowners in need of getting rid of a painful monthly cost for them was the mystery. I was lucky enough to get a good coach that pushed me to work outside the box and do what no one else will do; working with motivated sellers that look at me as someone that is here to help them get rid of an expense they can’t afford.

I now wholesale and flip several houses per year. Bringing more money home than I did in construction and I am working a lot less hours and spending more time with family. That gave me the opportunity to coach, which allows me to pass on what I have learned.

Q: Why Real Estate Sales LLC Coaching program? What are the advantages and disadvantages you see when working with this program…

A: I looked at several of the other real estate investing programs. Loving Rich Dad Poor Dad and watching the “Flip or Flop” shows that really make this industry look simple. I knew that I wanted a company that would keep me attached to a mentor that is doing exactly what I would be doing.

This would give some semblance of security knowing my mentor would be there for me for years to come. I know that when I started in the wholesale business I expected to be making money in just a few short weeks.

I realized after weeks of not doing what my coach was trying to teach me and trying to make it go faster than is possible. I learned one very important lesson. I don’t want a “microwave” business, I want a “crockpot” business.

After my mentor put it that way, my business focus changed. I wanted to have a long-term focus with wins along the way. Building a foundation that will stand the test of time.

My mentor also helped me see that when I started building my construction business, it took me years to build the process/ foundation for success. I had wins but there were struggles that I put on myself due to my inexperience. I also learned from other investor’s mistakes that I could see from the outside looking in.

I am excited to continue to build the foundation of my business knowing that what I am learning is from my experience and the mistakes of the investors around me. I know for a fact, after working with several individuals that have joined the other coaching programs, that you are left with a book and very, very limited coaching times.

30 minutes for only 6 weeks with most of the other programs.

Missing a coaching session means you lost one of your times. That’s right, you can’t make it up. Think about having to pay for a coaching session after your 6 sessions are gone and not getting advice from a practicing investor.

The best attribute about Real Estate Sales LLC is that all our coaches are investors. We do what our clients are doing every single day.

Doing that, we can see the market changes and what is going on with the competition. We are in the trenches doing what our clients are going to be expected to do. Isn’t that better than reading a book that is old and outdated?

Q: Tell us about the learning/working process that you go through with each of your new clients…

A: I always think about building a house when you build a business. You can’t build a house/ business without a strong, well laid out foundation.

And if you don’t have the load numbers figured on your foundation, your business will crumble slowly.

The first several weeks we will be working the process, building the foundation of your business. We will teach you how to market to motivated sellers the way we market every single week.

We will teach you the tricks that we use to change things up and stand out from the competition.

We will work with you one on one on how to call the sellers and decide if they are truly motivated or not. Walk you through a site visit, purchasing the property with minimal risk.

I see wholesaling in my business as the litmus test. I sign the option and see how accurate the investment will be by testing the market. Then if I get a nice offer on the property without touching it, SOLD!

I work with you where you are. If you have never owned your own business, I walk you through that process. If you have owned your own business, I give you the foundation of what we have built for you and make it fit your style.

Q: What are some of the challenges in Real Estate Investing Market that clients may not be aware of…

A: I think TV and internet has made an unrealistic expectation for real estate investing. The TV shows make it seem like you can walk into the property, guess at how much you will have to put into it to make a profit.

Walk into the title company the next day with no costs to you and start work the next day. The most important part of investing is the research and the numbers.

You should know all your numbers up front, before you ever take out your wallet.

You will have costs in acquiring the property.

You will need an attorney to build a relationship with as you continue to grow. It will also cost you to sell it. There is no ethical and low risk way around it.