real estate sales llc and flip cheap houses

Real Estate Sales LLC and Flip Cheap Houses Short Description

Welcome to Real Estate Sales LLC and Flip Cheap Houses.

Our company teaches aspiring investors how to invest in real estate. We’ve been in business for 15 years and have an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

Many of you found out about us visiting a franchise website called Franchise Opportunities. They are the largest and oldest franchise site for individuals that are looking to start a business. Every year, they look at the top 3355 businesses in America and vote on the top five in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. 

Real Estate Sales, LLC- Flip Cheap Houses was voted one of the top five businesses to start, beating out well known businesses such as Subway, Jimmy John’s and Allstate Insurance. The two main factors Franchise Opportunities are looking at when voting is:

  1. Return on InvestmentHow fast do I make my money back that I spent to start this business?
  2. Flexibility:  Can I start this business part time knowing that when it meets or beats my current job income, I have the option to quit my job and focus on my real estate investing business full time?

What’s appealing about our business model is because we share in on the net profit. Doing real estate deals with you for the next twelve months, which is lucrative for us and lucrative for you. We don’t have to charge huge franchise fees or startup costs. 

This is a home based business, so you can do this right from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to rent or buy any expensive office building, you don’t have to worry about employees, and you don’t have to buy anything expensive equipment or inventory. 

Our startup cost is only $19,750. Usually, on your first real estate transaction, you net more than what it costs you to start your business. 

Why are we so successful teaching beginners how to invest in Real Estate?

Two main factors:

  1. Our leads
  2. Our experienced coaches and training.

The most important tool for becoming a successful real estate investor is leads. The greatest real estate lead for the last 100 years is someone sitting on a second property that’s sitting vacant. 

Let’s say it also maybe needs a little bit of fixing up. So they’re obviously motivated to get rid of it. And because they’ve owned it so long, they owe very little, so you can negotiate a great deal. 

Some examples of that is let’s say a person moves across town and decides to try to rent out their old house and it just didn’t work out so well. Or let’s say that they’re going through a divorce. Or let’s say that the house was inherited and they don’t know what to do with it. And then you’ve got others that are relocated by their jobs quickly and they have to move. So they need somebody to help them get rid of that property.

Real Estate Sales LLC and Flip Cheap Houses has spent millions of dollars developing a proprietary software that pulls this data electronically from the 3000 counties throughout the United States. 

Envision this: If you walk into your county courthouse, you see employees sitting behind their computer with a stack of papers on their desk. They enter these public documents into their computer and as soon as they hit enter, it hits the cloud server. 

We’re able to pull electronically this data every 24 to 48 hours so we have this information before it’s ever made public. Of course, this information will eventually trickle on to the Internet in two to three months like everything else does. 

But it gives us a two to three month head start to reach out to these motivated sellers and see if we can put together a deal to get your marketing started at no extra cost to you, we are going to mail out 200 to 250 professionalized letters per week on your behalf to these motivated sellers. 

The second factor for becoming a successful real estate investor is a great mentor that will act as your coach. All of our coaches work strictly for Real Estate Sales LLC – Flip Cheap Houses and have for many years. 

They are all successful real estate investors themselves and have been for many years. They’re not sitting behind a desk reading about it and then telling you to go out and do it. They’re actually out there on the front line doing what they’re teaching you and helping you to do. 

They have done hundreds of documented flips and rentals. It is this experience that assures your success. What makes the relationship between you and your coach work is your coach only makes money when you do, meaning they share in on the net profit of the real estate transactions they’re helping you to do. 

Therefore, they are very motivated to get your first transaction done as quickly as possible and help you do as many throughout the twelve months they’re working with you one on one. They have a vested interest in your success. 

So it’s a win win. If you want to contact for additional information, you can call us at 1806 441630 or text area code 402-⁠676-⁠5720 or email

Thank you for your interest in Real Estate Sales LLC and Flip Cheap Houses. We look forward to talking with you.