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Mar 30 Networking in Real Estate

Networking is vital for any successful real estate investor. If you want to be productive in this business don’t try to do it alone. Your network is who helps you in your investing. Networking  in real estate is actually one of the biggest difference makers in real estate investing. Folks what are successful investing in… Read more

Sep 26 Why Real Estate Investment is better than Stocks

With the real estate market on the rise, everybody is talking about real estate investment versus stocks. Which is a wiser place to invest your money? Real Estate or Stocks? It really comes down to personal preference and your comfort with the movement of the stock market. Your best course of action will be to… Read more

Apr 04 What is an Option to Buy Contract and How it Protects You

This is a super tip about protection for your new or established Real Estate Sales Business LLC. A real estate option to purchase agreement also known as option to buy contract. This is a contract on a specific piece of real estate that allows the buyer the exclusive right to purchase the property. Once a buyer… Read more

Mar 06 Benefits of Flipping Houses

The reason most people get into this business is to make a profit. The most important thing to understand is that it is not an easy business and there are plenty of risks associated with flipping houses but the opportunity to make a significant profit is well worth the risk. Do your homework and buy… Read more

Jan 22 How to Invest In Real Estate without Having to Buy Houses

There are many different ways to invest in real estate without buying homes. Some folks choose to get into real estate as a realtor or broker while others get into real estate by handling financial side of things (Bank, Mortgage lender etc.). Most folks involved in real estate have a desire to invest/buy properties sooner… Read more

Nov 21 Learn the Secrets that will give You an Unfair Advantage if You Decide Flipping Homes

Flipping homes is an investing technique that many investors use to make huge profits! The key to flip homes is to buy right and slash the risk. Buying right consists of knowing your market and making a repair plan. You cut risk by buying with cash instead of borrowing. Risk can also be cut by acting… Read more

Nov 16 7 Reasons NOW Is a Great Time to Investing in Real Estate

We work hard for our money, right? But does our money work hard for us? The answer is no, when our money sits in the bank, it produces nothing. However, when you put your money into an investment, your dollars will start working for YOU! Here are some reasons why you should be investing in… Read more

Nov 06 A lot of Home for a Low Price

Investors always ask me, how they can get a lot of home for a low price. The answer is quite simple, build relationships and when you think you are done building relationships, go build some more. This business is all about relationships, you can get lucky and do a few deals without relationships but your… Read more

Aug 17 Basic rules with buying properties

I have a few basic rules with buying properties that I’ve established over the years working at Real Estate Sales LLC. Below  you can find the basic rules with buying properties One of them being: If you wouldn’t let your wife and kids move into it without you….DON’T BUY IT! As you never know when… Read more

Aug 07 What your Real Estate Investing Coaching “Programs” Don’t want you to know

I have worked with several investors that have been in the Real Estate Investing game for many years. When I first started as a newbie, the one thing that was very obvious was they were all unique in their own way. I am not talking about their personalities or their looks, even though they were… Read more