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Feb 15 Real Estate Sales LLC Voted Top 3 Business To Start in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023

Franchise Opportunities, Americas oldest and largest Franchise Website for people looking to start a business announced their 2023 award winners. Real Estate Sales, LLC – Flip Cheap Houses has been voted top 3 Business to start in 2023. Click Here to View Official Press Release from Franchise Opportunities If you are looking to start a… Read more

Oct 10 SUCCESS! Making money with Real Estate Sales LLC Coaching Program is easy Ask Chad

Here is our first Real Life success story. One of our students, Chad, is already making money with Real Estate Sales LLC Coaching Program – The best Real Estate Investing School near you. A+ rated company. He shows us a check in the video interview below. Nick Real Estate Sales LLC Coach: I’ve got 4 or… Read more

Sep 05 Real Estate Sales LLC Testimonial Provided by Client Hannigan

Real Estate Sales LLC Testimonial Provided by Client Hannigan Your browser does not support the video tag.

Jul 26 Real Estate Sales LLC – The Key To Your success

Real Estate Sales LLC – Results Like No Other Real estate continues to be the hottest asset class that investors ask about. Real Estate Sales, LLC is the Key to Your Success when it comes to real estate investing and I’ll tell you why. Just keep reading… Savvy investors know that adding real estate to… Read more

Jul 18 The Best 3 Home Flipping Methods for [2018] and beyond.

Wondering which are The Best 2 Home Flipping Methods in [2018]? Flipping Real Estate in a  Self-Directed IRA Being the bank Hybrid-Flip Approaches Flipping Real Estate in a Self-Directed IRA Flipping Real Estate Properties is an increasingly appealing strategy for many investors, thanks to the economic recovery. Flipping homes is a prime investment opportunity for the… Read more

Jul 06 How to Generate Leads for Your Real Estate Business – Actionable Tips for 2019

If you are the smartest person in the room it wont make a difference if you don’t have quality leads. So if you wonder How to Generate Leads for Your Real Estate Business below are some Actionable Tips that work great in 2018 Ways to find and Generate Leads for Your Real Estate Business in 2018:… Read more

Jul 04 How to buy a house – basic rules to make sure you buy the perfect property for your family

How to buy a house – basic rules Over the years working at Real Estate Sales LLC I’ve compiled a list of basic rules when it comes about How to buy a house. One of them being: If you wouldn’t let your wife and kids move into it without you….DON’T BUY IT! As you never… Read more

Jun 21 Real Estate Investment – How to Protect Safe When Disaster Strikes

Once you’ve finished searching for that real estate investment of a lifetime, you’ve gone to the open houses, you’ve gotten the financing, made an offer, sat at home worrying if it’s going to be accepted, had the celebratory dinner once it was and then moved in, you’re faced with the chore of protecting it. The… Read more

Apr 10 Benefits of Wholesaling properties

Many folks ask me why I wholesale properties and what the appeal to it is. Wholesaling properties is a fantastic way to make money without risking your own investment dollars. While it may be true that you do not have the opportunity to make as much as the final investor you also don’t have the… Read more

Mar 30 Networking in Real Estate

Networking is vital for any successful real estate investor. If you want to be productive in this business don’t try to do it alone. Your network is who helps you in your investing. Networking  in real estate is actually one of the biggest difference makers in real estate investing. Folks what are successful investing in… Read more