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Importance of personalization when speaking to motivated sellers

When speaking with a motivated seller you must have an outline of what needs to be covered. I have five steps that guide my conversation with motivated sellers.

Those 5 steps prior to speaking with motivated sellers are:

  1. introduction and build rapport
  2. Get property information
  3. Find out seller motivation
  4. Price and
  5. If they are motivated and price is right than schedule a face to face meeting.

These five steps are vital but if you are going to have success in this business you cannot be a robot, instead you must personalize all of your conversations with motivated sellers.

speaking with motivated sellers real estateThe five steps I use when speaking with a motivated seller are extremely important but if you choose not to personalize your conversation with your motivated seller you will have little to no success in your real estate career.

I remember when I started I was so nervous speaking with motivated sellers and was so committed to my script that I had a very difficult time personalizing my conversations and hearing my motivated sellers.

I have seen many scripts of what to say when you are on a call with a motivated seller and truthfully they are all quite good, however these are just templates.

Remember to always personalize your calls; these folks need to feel comfortable and trust you, if they don’t have that connection they are much more likely to work with someone else or ignore you entirely.

The most important component for me is to get my motivated sellers talking and feeling comfortable with me.

To get your motivated seller talking, ask them open ended questions, I’ll usually begin by asking them for their contact information and/or where they are from.

I’ll follow those questions up with a question about the house and ask if they can tell me about the history of the home. The questions you ask may vary but your goal in these conversations is to get your motivated seller talking early and often.

A script is very helpful when speaking with motivated sellers, but remember you are not a robot.

If you are able to personalize your conversation and get your motivated seller to open up early on, I assure you that you will have great success and will close so more deals than you ever imagined.

The bottom line is real estate investing is a relationship business and your goal should be to build those personal relationships because if you do you will have great success in this business.

Happy investing!

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