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5 Tips for Better Home Sales

Hi. Below I am going to share with you 5 tips for better home sales. Here we go:

Tip number one: Make the outside of your home presentable. I recommend trimming the bushes, power washing the siding and driveway, planting flowers, ect. Be creative and give your home the curb appeal people want to see.

Tip number two: Sellers should go through their furniture and closets to eliminate any clutter. Be sure that you don’t have too much going on. For example, if you have too much displayed in your home then the space will feel smaller and the buyer may feel overwhelmed and distracted. Pack up anything you want to keep and put it in storage, you want your home to look like it has plenty of space. Keep it simple and neat.

Tip number three: Fix any simple repairs. If you know there is something the inspector will find, but it’s an easy fix then go ahead and repair it. In the end it typically costs less for the seller to fix things before a home inspector comes in. Also, be sure to fix any cosmetic damages, you want your home to look as presentable as possible.

Tip number four: Price your home right. Sellers should always compare their homes to other properties in the area that have recently sold. Be sure that you don’t over price or it’s going to take longer and be extremely difficult to sell your home.

Tip number five: Market your home on various sites such as Zillow and hire an agent if you deem necessary. Craigslist is also an excellent marketing source!

Want more tips for better home sales ? Please come back often and read our blog.