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7 Reasons NOW Is a Great Time to Investing in Real Estate

We work hard for our money, right? But does our money work hard for us? The answer is no, when our money sits in the bank, it produces nothing. However, when you put your money into an investment, your dollars will start working for YOU! Here are some reasons why you should be investing in Real Estate:

So, why it is a great time to jump investing in real estate right away?

1. Interest Rates are at an all-time low

Why will you benefit from low interest rates? The answer is simple, low interest rates lead to low monthly payments, which is great for investors who are looking to maximize their profits. Several years from now, we’ll look back and say, “WOW! Remember back in 2016 when you could get a mortgage for under 4%?!”

2. Prices are reasonable

Yes, real estate prices have climbed significantly since 2011 and 2012, but those willing to hustle to find great deals, WILL find great deals! Great deals are everywhere; we just have to find them!

3. Technology has made investing MUCH easier!

Back in the day, real estate took a lot of time driving around, talking to people, looking at hundreds of documents, amongst many other things. Today, technology has made investing in real estate significantly easier. Here are some examples:

  • Advertising properties is as simple as posting on craigslist
  • Tenants pay rent online rather than in person
  • Screening tenants can be done online rather than using screening services
  • You can take virtual tours of certain areas using google
  • And so much more!!

4. Your job is unstable

Job security is not what it once was, it’s entirely too easy for employers to happily let go of hundreds or thousands of employees. Today, the best job security is enjoyed by those who take an active interest in gaining skills and knowledge that can be used elsewhere. Real Estate investing is one of the best ways to gain that financial independence that you’ve always dreamed of!

5. There’s a high volume of foreclosures

Many homeowners have lost their homes due to foreclosure, which means that there are many renters in the market. This is optimal for investors because they can buy rental properties without the burden of a mortgage payment. This also makes finding a tenant much easier.

On the other hand, all those foreclosures could land you an awesome deal. Since banks are more interested in lending than owning real estate, they often list these foreclosed properties at an extremely low price! Foreclosures equal discounts, which makes a great deal for the handyman investor!

6. Years from now you’ll wish you would have started today

Investing takes time, I can’t promise you that you’ll be rich tomorrow if you start investing in real estate today. However, I am saying that in 10-20 years you will likely look back and say “why didn’t I start sooner”? Real Estate investing just makes sense, if you wait too long then you’ll miss out.

7. Real Estate is a great long-term investment

If you look back 30-50 years, real estate is still valued much higher than it was. If you gave tenants paying your mortgage, its makes the investment that much more profitable. So get out there and start investing, let your money work for YOU!