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Big Home/ Little Budget

If you are like most folks, you are always looking for a deal and nothing could be more true than when you are looking for a home to purchase.

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so don’t rush it or cut any corners.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to do your homework and put together a list of all those features you need and those you want and those you could do without and finally those that you don’t want ever.

If you are married, make sure to listen to your spouse and do your best to compromise.

So, Big home Little budget? Keep reading…

Once you have a detailed list, you need to get out there and find a realtor.

Ask your friends for recommendations and make sure you find a realtor who understands you and is not scared to work.

Once you choose a realtor and give him or her your budget and list then get ready for a journey of a lifetime.

Depending on the market you live in you may not be able to wait too long to make an offer after seeing a property, but never rush a decision and always make an offer you are comfortable with.

The realtor may try to influence you to increase your offer but remember you are the one buying the property and you need to be comfortable with the purchase price.

In actuality, I would strongly recommend giving your realtor your budget that is a few thousand dollars less than what you actually would feel comfortable spending because I guarantee your realtor will show you properties outside of your budget –guaranteed.

If you are truly looking for a great deal, you cannot be afraid of renovations and I would actually recommend looking for those handyman special properties as you can usually get these for much less than asking price and can have enough budget left over to make it your dream home.