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How to Find a Good Real Estate Attorney

good-real-estate-attorneyThere are many questions you can ask when finding a good real estate attorney. Do not look to pinch your pennies when finding a good real estate attorney.

Real Estate attorneys can be very helpful and will be a great source for you if you find a good one. They can direct you to good deals and steer you away from those that could bite you in the rear end.

To find a good real estate attorney I would recommend asking them the following questions:

  1. Do they invest in real estate
  2. Are they a member of your local REIA and are they recommended by other investors
  3. Is willing to listen to you about certain creative transactions you have in mind and is always open to listening
  4. Is on the real estate committee of your local bar association
  5. Has been doing real estate transactions for at least 5 years

Real Estate attorneys are a great resource for investors and will introduce you to plenty of folks that will be helpful down the road.

A good real estate attorney understands that one hand washes the other.

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