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Find Motivated Real Estate Sellers NOW

If you want to have success to find motivated real estate sellers NOW than you better have a strategy in place to find those folks. I would strongly recommend finding a reliable lead source that will help you locate these motivated sellers.

There are many different sources out there, unfortunately many are not legitimate so you need to do your due diligence when researching these companies.

I would strongly recommend going after folks whom own vacant properties as these individuals are usually the most motivated group of all.

The best company to help you find these motivated sellers NOW is a company out of Las Vegas named Real Estate Sales LLC.

Not only does this company give you motivated seller leads in your geographical target market, they also pair you up with a mentor/coach who has had great success in the real estate investing world.

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Don’t get me wrong, if you are serious about making money in real estate you need to be sure that you put in the necessary work.

Real Estate investing is not easy, in order to have success in real estate you need to have systems to follow, a team of experts, a positive mindset, a strong desire to succeed and a great source of leads.

One can have success without all those mentioned above, however a person will not be able to sustain success without a strong source of motivated seller leads. But what group is the most motivated to sell their property? There are so many different groups to market to, whether they are pre-probate, tax delinquent, foreclosure or vacant home owners. In my opinion, the answer is easy, it’s folks that own vacant properties and the percentages back me up.

If we know that vacant property owners are the Holy Grailthan we better have a great way to find those motivated sellers especially in today’s ultra-competitive market as deals are becoming much harder to find than ever before.

If your goal is to make serious money in real estate investing you need to have a lead generation plan that works and produces the results you are seeking.

I have tried many different lead sources over the years ranging from pre-foreclosure to estates to short sales and many more. A few years ago, I came across Real Estate Sales LLC, a company that truly changed my real estate investing fortunes forever.

As I mentioned above this company provides their clients with motivated seller leads in the specific areas they are looking to invest, they also match you with a mentor who will help you build your business and show you exactly how to find motivated real estate sellers NOW. Real Estate Sales finds motivated sellers for their clients by using a proprietary software.

Real Estate Sales is always updating their data which is so very important in today’s competitive marketplace. While Real Estate Sales expertise is finding vacant property owners, they are also able to find different types of motivated sellers, such as pre-foreclosures, probate, tax liens and those whose homes are in violations of city codes.

Out of all the lead sources, I have come across, none have been as accurate and as strong as those from Real Estate Sales. I am so glad to have access to these leads as it gives me a competitive advantage against my competition, in particular over other investors in my city and state. I don’t count on just one lead source but I can honestly state that ninety percent of my deals come through the leads provided through Real Estate Sales LLC. They have perfected the business of locating vacant property owners, and in my opinion these are the folks who happen to be more motivated to sell a property than any other group.

In addition to a lead source, like Real Estate Sales LLC, I would also encourage you to network with other investors and join your local Real Estate Investor Association. You never know deals folks may come across unless you network.

In addition I would recommend you spend an hour or two a week at your local courthouse to find out what folks maybe facing a foreclosure as many times these folks will be extremely motivated to sell their homes. I would also recommend going to various auction sites, such as as many motivated sellers will put their house on an auction site as they need to get rid of that property sooner rather than later. There are many different ways to find motivated sellers, but I would encourage you to focus on those folks whom own vacant properties (if you want to find motivated real estate sellers now) ; diversify your marketing but those folks whom own those non producing assets will be extremely motivated to get rid of their properties.

Why are folks that own vacant properties motivated to sell? Let’s look at reasons homes become vacant, the home be inherited, it may be an empty rental property, an investor that ran out of money for repairs, a divorce or someone that had to relocate for one reason or another. We can see exactly why it’s so important to market to folks that own vacant properties. These folks are tired of losing money on their vacant properties or don’t want to continue paying taxes and fees on their non-producing assets. These folks are truly motivated to sell their properties as they don’t just have to get rid of it but want to as well.

Vacant houses represent one of the most viable sources of good deals on investment real estate. An owner with any of these vacant house problems is most probably a motivated seller. Your job as an investor is to seek the owners out and solve their problems by purchasing the property. In addition to vacant property owners, you may also want to market to folks facing foreclosure or those facing tax liens as well as those with city code violations. A lot of investors also swear by probate deals, I am not a fan as I never want to pressure any of my clients into selling and folks facing probate are dealing with a death in their family and they are usually not in mindset to speak with real estate investor. I may lose out on some deals by not marketing to these folks but I just never felt comfortable doing so. As I have mentioned earlier, those folks who own vacant properties will usually be the most motivated folks of all and therefore should be where you focus your marketing efforts.

So, how do you find these folks who own vacant properties? Some folks use bird dogs to find vacant properties, other folks post ads on Craigslist, EBay Classified section, Oodle, letitgo or Backpage to name just a few. Other folks might even be able to find some deals in the “Real Estate Services Offered section” of websites. Driving for dollars also works but it will cost you time and money that you may not have; many folks who don’t have the time prefer to use bird dogs who they can pay per lead based on the information they give you. While all these can be great tools to finding motivated sellers, none will be as effective as the leads that Real Estate Sales LLC is able to provide not to mention efficient or cost effective. Real Estate Sales LLC does their research and updates their leads every couple of weeks which most other systems can’t claim. If you want an accurate source of motivated sellers, make the investment in Real Estate Sales LLC and begin to hear that phone ring early and often.

If you are serious in making money this year, make sure you have a lead generation plan because without one you will not have the success you deserve. If you want to experience success this year make the investment and find a lead generation system that works, I strongly recommend Real Estate Sales LLC. Real Estate Sales is a top notch company that takes great pride in their business and quality of their leads and is determined to give their clients with all the tools they need in order to be successful. Whichever company you choose, make sure to do your research and don’t invest just because their website looks good, make sure to do your due diligence before settling on a company. Don’t wait any longer, be courageous and take that great big step to financial independence and begin that career in real estate that you always dreamed of.

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