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A lot of Home for a Low Price

Investors always ask me, how they can get a lot of home for a low price.

The answer is quite simple, build relationships and when you think you are done building relationships, go build some more.

This business is all about relationships, you can get lucky and do a few deals without relationships but your business will not have the longevity necessary.

When buying homes, remember there may be a reason a larger house can be bought cheaper than a smaller one, bigger is not always better, at least in real estate.

Bigger homes can be more difficult to rent due to cost of utilities and higher rent and can also be more challenging to sell because of the smaller pool of buyers.

When dealing with single family homes, I always like to appeal to the masses, that typically means I look for 3 bed/2 bath homes and I would recommend you do the same.

Most folks looking to rent or buy are looking for these sized homes, while it’s possible to make a great profit on bigger homes, it is also more challenging.

If you are looking to buy and sell or rent a lot of homes you need to know your market and remember bigger is not always better. Do your research and build those relationships and then buy those properties.

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Happy Investing!