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Put My 5-Point Plan to Work to Sell House!

sell houseSome of these few minor touch-ups can go a long way when making an impression on potential buyers. These tips can help you in cinching a deal with a buyer! Some my top recommendations are to reduce clutter, clean out your closets, hide personal photos, remove unneeded furniture, and most importantly CLEANING!

Here are some of my top ways to prepare to sell house:

  1. Repaint walls to neutral colors. The reason for this is because dramatic colors can turn off a good portion of buyers. Tans and whites are good colors to use because they allow the buyers to focus on the space rather than the color of the walls.
  2. Keep your décor simple. You want buyers to be able to imagine themselves in your space, so you should get rid of any art or décor that could potentially turn buyers away.
  3. Let there be light! You should open all of your curtains to let the natural light shine in. Put lamps in rooms that seem dim. Bright and cheery rooms are more inviting and tend to look bigger.
  4. Give each of your rooms a purpose. Show buyers how they can use each of your rooms themselves. So pick a use for each room and clearly stage it for that purpose.
  5. Keep the flow going as people are walking through your home. The last thing you want is a potential buyer running into and bumping into things. So do a dry run yourself prior to showing buyers your house in order to tweak anything that disrupts the flow.

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