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Ready for your inner interior designer

We all would love the opportunity to hire an interior designer, right? However, not everyone can afford to do so. Not only is it expensive, but some of us actually want to be the owns who make our own design decisions. Decorating your home should be a fun experience to show off your own individual style and preferences. A lot of people aspire to make the inside of their home beautiful, but are unsure of where to start the process. Today I’m going to talk about some tips to help you begin designing your home into a space that, until now you thought only an expensive interior designer could create.

interior designFor starters, I’m sure that most you reading this have heard of Pinterest. Pinterest can spark a flame of creativity that a lot of us didn’t even know we had! If you have not already created an inspirational Pinterest board for your homes décor, then you should start now. I believe this is the first step in creating the beautiful home that you so desire. Pinterest is great because it has countless DIY projects. You know what this means, more money in your pocket AND you will be able to say I made that myself! How cool!

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Once you have a good idea of the style you wish to call yours, you need to choose a color scheme. This can be a tough task because color is so personal and it creates moods within us that inspire. My first tip is to look at your inspirational boards that you created on Pinterest and ask yourself what colors are prominent in the rooms that you saved? As a rule of thumb, you should try for a mix of three colors. Example: a main color for walls, another for larger accents such as couches, and then a third for small accessories such as pillows.

One big mistake that people make while designing the interior of their home is using too many small, spindly pieces in one room. This creates a sense of chaos because you have way too much going on in one room. Instead, try for a room that is well mixed. Maybe choose a large sofa and then add some slender arm chairs. You’ll notice that this makes the room look more balanced and less spindly. My tip for you is to choose at least one large statement piece for your room. A mixture of big and little is one of the keys to a successful interior design.

Lastly, add accessories that show off your personality. Use trays for storage of loose items that need a home. Use baskets to store things that you don’t want to show off to the public. Baskets also help with organization and with decluttering. For a hint of glamour, try adding something sparkley or glitzy gold. Try using flowers or plants in each room, this can really add that final touch to your design. If you’re afraid of killing the flowers or plants, then try to find a fake plant that looks natural.