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Selling your house in 90 days

Selling your house in 90 days really depends on these three things: location, price, and condition.

Location is extremely important when it comes to selling and pricing your house. This is an important factor because a house’s condition and price can be altered, but the location cannot. Think about it, if your house is located next to a train or subway station chances are you’re not going to be able to price it like you would if it was located near a beach. When you list your home, be sure to include what is great about its location! Is it near a good school district, a major university? These are all things to think about.

selling your house in 90 days

Selling your house – important facts

In today’s market, it is very important that you set the price right for your home when talking about selling your house! If your home needs a lot of updating and fixing up, then these things must all be considered when setting the list price for your home. If your home is in good condition, but is too high priced then it will not sell. Remember, you can always alter the price if your home is not selling.

Condition of your home is also an important factor because the buyer wants that “wow” factor when they first walk into your home. They want to think “wow what a great price for this home!” Remember, if your home isn’t selling then consider redecorating and jazzing things up a bit. The condition can always be altered to attract more buyers.