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SUCCESS! Making money with Real Estate Sales LLC Coaching Program is easy Ask Chad

Here is our first Real Life success story. One of our students, Chad, is already making money with Real Estate Sales LLC Coaching Program – The best Real Estate Investing School near you. A+ rated company.

He shows us a check in the video interview below.

Nick Real Estate Sales LLC Coach: I’ve got 4 or 5 questions for you.

You got that Check ?

Chad: I do!!

Nick: Making money!!

So, a couple of basic questions:

– Did you use any of your money in this ? I mean, did you have to get a loan for it ? or anything?

Chad: (happy) No! Nothing like that! At all! 🙂

Nick: Isn’t that great ?

Chad: That’s absolutely great! That’s fantastic! It’s hard to believe, but it’s real!

Nick: You are making money finally huh?

Chad: Yes!

Nick: Why didn’t your seller use an agent?

Chad: You mean like a realtor? Someone had… they’ve talked to a realtor but they just didn’t like the agent or the realtor just didn’t produce the results they’re expecting. I think that all it has to do with time, and time was the essence they needed to sell this fast and so they went to look at other avenues of possibilities and there’s where we stepped in, we were ready to move their house a lot faster than a realtor and we put cash in our pockets, so it’s a win-win.

Nick: did you have any objections with the seller or the buyer? Or it just went pretty smooth? didn’t it?

Chad: Yeah! I mean everything went smooth on this one. Like I said they had some questions about the option to purchase contract , but after they realized that is good they’re willing to go trough with it it went super smooth. No problems!

Nick: So last question for me today: With the Real Estate Sales LLC Training and the Leads that you’ve been provided, Can anybody do this?

Chad: Yeah! I think so. Anybody can do it as long as they are willing to put in some work. I mean it’s not any of those deals where you just sit back and you’re running a program and hope something works out , I mean you got to do some work.. If you’re motivated, anybody can do it. I mean, I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but believe me, I thought that was going to be an issue within it, is all that you could have to learn all kinds of training material, before I get involved in this ..,

But it is really a turn key program!!

You guys provide everything you need to learn on a step by step approach where you’re not overwhelmed with information all at once and If You could follow directions, You CAN DO THIS!, You can sell real estate. You can Buy, Sell and you can Wholesale.

You guys did a great job with the presentation of the information. I mean anybody can do it, if they’re just willing to put in the work, if they’re motivated

Nick: That’s the important part!

Chad: You know my biggest fear with this was talking to people, I’ve been told I was an introvert, and I don’t really like talking much to people, but even if you’re an introvert I mean if You just go out and you just talk to people like yu’re talking to your friend and just learn how to strike up a conversation and then if you can do that well, you can make this work.

Nick: well, I am super super happy for you, super pumped, I ‘m sure you’re itchy worse than ever ..

Chad: Oh absolutely! Yeah!

Nick: So to do it moew, you know, send more letters, make more phone calls , do the system over and over. Now that you’ve got quote-unquote figured out which you’ll be adjusting all the time according to the market and the things in there, but now what you just have to do is repeat.

Chad: Yeah! Rinse and repeat! Follow up is a really big thing and you emphasize it a lot in your training material .. and these first two deals, these forst 2 houses that I got into contract was a result of follow-up. They initially wanted a little too much than I was willing to put on a contract for that call back I think it was 21 days later and you know, they dropped the price considerably and I was able to egt the property in the contract and here I am, I got two checks from it.

Follow-up is a big deal, and you know, you don’t burn the leads, whenever you get a chance, if they don’t buy it first time, you just get back with them and follow-up.

Nick: So, if you’re going to tell somebody that just coming in to do in their first closing, what would you day ?

Chad: If they’re just coming in and doing their first closing just basically do what you’ve been doing, just like you said, is rinse and repeat, just to focus more on the details and just focus on what works and cast aside what doesn’t and maximize your time and just follow up and just get out there and just do it!

Nick: So, when you were going in to the closing where you a little bit concerned or overwhelmed or or not quite sure how is going to go and then get into it and it went pretty smooth, didn’t it?

Chad: Yes, it’s just like anything, you don’t know what to expect, so you kind of go into and you’re apprehensive and you’re nervous but it was nothing to be nervous about. Finally it went smooth and they gave me the check.

Nick: Oh Chad, go deposit the checks man!

Chad: I will do man! will do

Nick: Congrats! Congrats! I appreciate this. If you need anything, just let us know, ok ?

Chad: Ok. Thank you Nick.


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