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What is the Problem to be Solved for the Customer

There are many important steps to closing a real estate deal but none is more vital than building rapport with your motivated seller and cash buyer.

Too many folks expect real estate to be automated and a numbers again, unfortunately it is not that simple.

While of course it is important to be able to identify a good deal and find those motivated sellers, it is even more important to be able to build rapport with the seller, especially if you are serious about closing a deal.

While some folks may prefer buying foreclosures, I prefer buying properties from motivated sellers.

The reason for this is because I believe once I build that rapport with the motivated seller I can get a better deal than most banks will ever offer.

I never try to rush through any conversation with a motivated seller and always put my listening cap on and make sure the seller knows that I hear them and care.

The goal when speaking with any motivated seller or cash buyer is to find out their motivation and what they are looking to accomplish.

After my conversation, I always ask myself :

“What is the problem to be solved for the customer”?

real estate investing happy clients - Real Estate Sales LLCOnce I understand my client’s motivation and what their problem is then I am able to go to work and solve their problem.

As a real estate investor, I understand that I am providing service and always try to act with the highest morals and values.

I have had conversations with motivated sellers where I have encouraged them to work with a highly reputable real estate agent or to sign a lease to own option with an interested buyer they had already identified because it was in their best interest to do so. I know some of you must be shaking your heads right now, but would you be surprised to know that because of those decisions I have earned much more business.

In both instances above, these folks referred me to their friends because they know I could be trusted.

The takeaway here is to never be in a rush to close a deal and always be guided by your moral compass.

You will have tremendous success if you build that rapport with your clientele and understand their needs.

Remember to always determine – “What is the problem to be solved for the customer” and then give options of how you can help.

Happy Investing