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Real Estate Sales LLC – Feedback from Student

Are you wondering How to setup a real estate sales business llc in an easy peasy way? With Real Estate Sales LLC, you get the easiest way. You still have to put some work in, but we deliver you the training, we assign you a coach for a full year and we also give you motivated seller leads in your area.

Below is a n interview with one of our students and our real estate investor and mentor coach Nick. (video)

Below is the transcript of the student feedback about Real Estate Sales LLC coaching program video:

Nick – Real Estate Sales LLC Coach: When you first got into the program, what did you expect? I mean was there some expectations that you were looking for that pretty much sold you on the program?

Student: I didn’t have the money to invest myself, I would love to go on the Real Estate myself , invest myself, but here I heard the opportunity of that it’s a real estate opportunity  without investing my own money. That was what really got me excited about it.

Nick – Real Estate Sales LLC Coach: Do you feel like the training gave you what you wanted to go?

Student: The training is good! I have about three people that are semi interested. So one is the one that I sent you over that I’ve signed which was very high, but actually I have a little bit good news to tell you because he did come back around and I just had a feeling with that one actually that something is going to work out with us, so I went and that’s I started it like I told you right away that I have some kind of feeling on… and .. he did come back around …he went on from 142,000 to 96,000 us dollars.

Nick – Real Estate Sales LLC Coach: Yeah! Great!

Student: Yep. So I have actually an investor that’s pretty interested in it, it’s somebody I know . I know that he does CD buy such properties in that area so I just called him up and I told him, “you know I have something , give me a price that you think you would be interested in, to come look at it”… so he told me then “it has to be under 100.000” he told me. So I went back to hime after like 3-4 weeks after that to the guy and I told him that “You know, I know I signed up for 140,000 but I’me really getting offers on much much lower, I really don’t want to like disappoint you, but I’m getting offers but I really feel obligated because I signed with you, I just have to tell you the numbers and I understand if you told me no!” So I told him, “look, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get you more than 90 thousands US dollars as of now in the offers that I an getting right now”. So he told me: “No! No way! Forget about it!” and he even told me “You know could come to pick up your ten dollars that you left over here” (because I gave him ten dollars).

I told him: “No! you keep the ten dollars, I am still going to try for 140k. Let’s keep it that way!”

Two days later he called me back and he told me “You know what? If you can get me down that investment you told me 90, If you can get it up to 96 thousands it’s a go!”

So I called him back and hopefully we’re going to meet tomorrow.

Nick – Real Estate Sales LLC Coach: Do you think that the training did well for you?

Student: With the phone call the training was perfect! I really got into it and I’ll be honest, the first phone call was like the way I was talking was like probably the person on the other side was the way it was still able to see probably that I’m talking off of the script but then I put my own words into it and you know i got to hand over it so I am fine with that.

Nick – Real Estate Sales LLC Coach: But we’re the only company in all of the Real Estate Sales coaching companies LLC that provide leads. Was that important to you when you came in?

Student: Basically the leads were everything for me!

Nick – Real Estate Sales LLC Coach: the leads are extremely important and then it’s just figuring out the motivated seller leads and where you’re going right? Now, the whole reason behind this call was I want to know your Goals! I believe the vision is important. It’s important to know where we’re at and now so I know what kinds of things you’re going to need help with. Now I need to know your goals. And you may not be able to answer them today. But it’s important to me to know where you’re going! Extremely important without vision this is just gonna fizzle away. SO I wanna know: do you want to own a hundred of homes in your career? Do you want to own and rent them? Do you want to flip2 to 3 a year? What is your GOAL? I got some investors that want to be landlords and they want to retire from their job because they want to build that. I need to know that, so I know how to get you there.

Yeah, I think that the problem, the suffocating part about this business is everybody looks at today and everybody wants to succeed this month. it doesn’t work that way. We need to have a vision, so we can work all of this together so you know if you can tell me “you know what Nick? in the next years I want to have five rental properties that can replace my wife’s income”, maybe that’s your goal. ..or … “I want enough rental properties in the next 10 years to replace my income”!

Student: I know my goal and my goal was always to home remedies. So if that’s the question, my goal was always to own a lot of properties I told you before that I was always looking at real estate!

Nick – Real Estate Sales LLC Coach: it answers my question in a big picture. What I want you to do is I want you to hone it in a little tighter. The easiest way to do that is “Okay Nick. I want to own five income producing properties in the next five years. That’s my goal and I want, I’m hoping you show me how to get there”. That’s what I want to hear. So, if you want to own as I understand 5 rental properties, that’s not even be tailed enough because five single-family homes, our rental properties. If you tell me I think I want to own 30 units well we can find somebody that want to sell on contract that’s got a 35 unit complex and he’ll sell it to you on contract, so All of this is important. Extremely important to you first of all to you and to me to get you in the right direction. And again, I am not asking you to come up with it tonight. It usually comes to me about 3:30 – 4 o’clock in the morning. But I want to know where you’re going and you’re going in the right direction, that’s cool, but the vision is so wide, that if you get off course it’s no big deal because you can still see it.

My coach always says: going this way, does it get you closer. to your goal? no! then I am not going that way. I’m continuing this way, if doing this, gets me closer to my goal that I’m going to continue that way. SO I need you to hone that in. The wide path it’s silly, but the person that chases two rabbits will never catch one. You had to chase one rabbit. So what I want to know is what is your one rabbit. I want to know what your goal is. Once we have a vision then nothing else matters but that end vision and if we can do ten contracts a month that’s still getting you to your vision? That’s that I want.

Student: right! I hear what you’re saying. makes sense.

Nick – Real Estate Sales LLC Coach:  So, Let’s put an end date on your vision, meaning, you’re going to tell me Nick, this is where I want to be. Remember in the training I tell you it doesn’t fit my formula but if it’s ll right with you I’ll check back with you in 30 days or so

Now the importance comes in: Your formula. I’m starting to see the smile now, You’re starting to understand that there actually is a direction of where we’re trying to go. Now, you’re starting to bounce now I’m giving you some excitement so where do you want to go.

Student: Oh my God. What are you? You read faces?

Nick – Real Estate Sales LLC Coach: Oh yeah! so, I am not asking you tonight. I really am NOT, but the excitement gets in to getting you there and if you quit looking at a monthly success or failure you won’t fail. If you look at the future you will succeed because you take steps to get there.

Zig Ziglar says that the elevator is broken but the stairs aren’t. It Takes one step at a time. And I just want to get you to the right steps. So, let’s put an end date on. This weekend is a a little quick, but I don’t know why you can’t have me at a five year and a 10 year goal and a retirement goal by the end of next weekend

Student: Let me just give you my first goal, let me give you right now. I want that in two months I should be able to quit my job. Is that possible?

Nick – Real Estate Sales LLC Coach: 2 months to quit your job? better put your nose to the grindstone. You are not through your learning curve

Student: I’m just looking forward to that!

Nick – Real Estate Sales LLC Coach: And I will tell you I will be pushing you towards that! I want that for you but you’re have to put your nose into the grindstone and If I’me gonna right jab you right now that main spreadsheet will keep you from that.

ou’re smiling finally got you excited and smiling you’ve got a drection, you know where you want to be, you want to quit your job , you can’t quit your job without replacing the income. You can’t replace your income without a goal. So let’s get the goals so we can replace the income.

So let me know what you need and I’ll make sure that you’re taken care of.

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