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Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Interview with Student Mark – Review

We at Real Estate Sales LLC make efforts to be as transparent as possible. We want to show you the beauty and the ugly of everything we do, but we still think that we are the Best Real Estate School that you can find near you. Our coaches are great. In case you don’t know, we assign a coach to work with you for a full year. We are proudly BBB A+ Rated Real Estate Coaching Company.

We are making great efforts to get our students’ vision, their goals. That way we can guide them to reach their goals and also we want to get their feedback on our coaching program.

Below is an interview with one of our students Mark. Enjoy!

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Interview with Student Mark (Video Transcript)

Real Estate Coach Nick: We are talking to Mark. So Excited. Mark! Why did you chose Real Estate Sales LLC over other real estate coaching companies?

Mark: I did my research and I think this was a good way to start off. You know, there is a little bit of money involved, but I figured everything I’d come and all the different people I talked to, you guys were the most honest as far as there’s work involved. Mark: So you know everybody else was “this is a piece of cake and blah which is a bunch…” Can I swear?

Coach Nick: We’ll beep it. 🙂 From your expectations at the beginning to what you have now is it what you expected or is there some things you weren’t expecting?

M: There was plenty I wasn’t expecting but you know what? Even though as I get older I think I know a lot and then you know all of a sudden I get slapped and find out I don’t know **** You know it’s awakening!

N: And I think every new adventure business is a learning curve, I think it was Less Brown that said that you succeed through your failures and these are very important. What do you think it is the most important for you? Is it the Mentorship? Is it the Leads? Is it the Training? What do you think is really the most important or the highest value?

M: I think the coaching most definitely! I like that we have similar characteristics, I don’t mind being told I have to do this or I have to do that even though I think I’ve been pretty good with you as far as listening and trying to do what I’m supposed to do. So, it’s still a learning curve, you know there’s some parts I picked up easy and there are some parts you know they took a little more work and I wasn’t as comfortable with, but you know once you start doing it, it seems that everything it falls in place. You know I just did three ads for the first three that i picked up, put them in the beginning of this week, it took me a little bit longer, but just wasn’t comfortable so, but after doing it, I WAS SURPRISED HOW EASY IT WAS .. 🙂 Sometimes it takes a little bit more to push to get it done!

N: You were kind of overthinking it, like I did on my first few

M: Yes, you know, I had everything laid out. Real Estate Coach Nick: What do you think of the training, I mean, DID WE DO WELL? IS THERE ANYTHING THAT YOU WISH THAT WAS MORE OF OR LESS OF, OR THAT YOU WISH THAT THERE’S A HIGHER QUALITY OF?

Mark: I’m picking everything up, if there’s something I’m not, you already know the spreadsheet took a little bit because you know I had no concept of Excel before we started and you know that took a little bit and it’s still plugging in everything but it’s falling into place, but you know like you said I had to look it up online, I mean you can’t explain some, but some of it you have to make mistakes on, you know saving is very important and you know the mailers for me seem the easiest! Stuffing the physical part it’s easier for me .

Real Estate Coach Nick: But you’ve started seeing the importance of many of the aspects

Mark: Yes

Real Estate Mentor Nick: Especially since I keep hounding you on this main spreadsheet

Mark: Details!

Real Estate Mentor Nick: So let’s get a hit on the leads and then we’re going to move on to you, but the leads are important. What do you think of them and what do you believe that is crucial to your success and what you’re doing?

Mark: Hell Yes.

Real Estate Coach Nick: You’ve had great responses, great calls, great side business, .. you’ve got some contracts, we’re just so close for that final step and then, I have told you from the beginning once you get one, you’ll be unstoppable, there’s no doubt in my mind. Mark, I appreciate that part. The reason that I wanted to call today, is to UNDERSTAND WHERE YOU’RE WANTING TO GO, and I kind of gave you a little bit of what I’m looking for so you obviously know where you want to go, and that is forward and we want you to grow, we want you to become an investor, so this part is the Risk Free part of the business meaning we’re teaching you how to learn how to invest without any risk, you’re not putting your life savings or all the equity of your home into another home to lose it all, go bankrupt and that’s where a lot of investors start, so I want to know where you are headed. I think that the monthly goal is great to get you to were you’re going. My mentor coach always asked me, does what you’re doing today, gets you to the goal you’re trying to get to in the end? If the answer is no, why are you doing it? Let me ask you, have you thought about that ? Have you thought about where you want to be in one year or five years?

Mark: yes.

Real Estate Coach Nick: Wow. This part here is where I want to hear, because we’re going to go back to this ass we go because I’m gonna save it in your file so tell me what’s your one year goal., where you want to be?

Mark: Yes, I’d like to have a hundred thousand, or earn a hundred thousand, HAVE FOUR CLOSINGS A MONTH, TWO DEALS A WEEK.

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