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Real Estate Sales LLC – getting feedback from Heather about her Training, Vision and Goals [Video]

We at Real Estate Sales LLC make efforts to be as transparent as possible. We are doing efforts to be the Best Real Estate Investing School that you can find near you and you can trust.We are proudly BBB A+ Rated Real Estate Coaching Company. Our coaches are great. In case you don’t know, we assign a coach to work with you for a full year.

We are making great efforts to get our students’ vision, their goals. That way we can guide them to reach their goals and also we want to get their feedback on our coaching program. Below in the video, there is an interview with our Student Heather where we are getting feedback about how she feels with the training, and what we can do more to help her achieve her goals.

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Nick: Hey Heather! Compared to where you where when you came into the Real Estate Sales LLC  Coaching program to where you are now, did we fill up your expectations?

Heather: Super excited and “Oh I’m getting all these calls, yaay”! 🙂

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Nick: Usually, with what you got on the website and that what we’ve been through, have you gotten the tools to succeed so far? Do you like the training?

Heather: I like the trainig. The training is pretty straight forward, when I go through the training materials (and I still go back to them) and something that I really like is that they are always there and I can always reference to that, even just refreshers, i mean I got pages and pages and notes I took off of the training materials, but I still go back and watch the videos and do that kind of thing her and there.

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Nick: Do you believe that your coach is that you’re getting out of your coach is what you need?

Heather: I like that you challenge me, because I think, for me, it’s easy for like I’m the easy part of me would be like can I just have somebody that will just tell me: “Do this: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10” and I can follow the directions like nobody’s business, but this isn’t something like there’s gonna be a point where I need to figure these problems and these things out and Like you said I need to know how to handle these issues that come up and so, I like the fact that I am being forced to be challenged even though my natural tendency is not to like the challenge.

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Nick: Yes. You need to step outside of your comfort zone. I can sense a lot of apprehension, so I’ve tried to push you from grabbing on, because I want you to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone. Is there more that you’re wanting, I mean, is there more training or something that you’re looking for?

Heather: I guess, it’s not something specific like, you know, I understand stuff as I watch it and even as we talk I understand stuff

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Nick: What do you think of our real estate leads. I mean, could you succeed without these motivated sellers leads? Would you get your phone ringing without them?

Heather: At this point no! No! At this point I wouldn’t even know where to go. I’ve gotten a couple of books I am reading right now. They talk about driving in the car and looking for properties or going down to the County Assesor’s Office and things like that and I mean I guess you could do that, but, that sounds like it would take a lot of time to me you know.

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Nick: Yeah! Hours and hours of work! Ok. What I want to challenge you with, is: GOALS. You gotten into this with the dream of being on your own. And I know that through this we want to figure out where your goal is. I think we got a great direction, the goal is to make money, right?

Heather: Yes!

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Nick: Yes. But there’s a tighter goal or a tighter vision, but I need you to find it.

Heather: OK.

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Nick: For example, my goal is to do 3 to 5 flips a year, I want to do between 160 and 200 thousands a year in wholesaling, which transposes are worked out to be a certain amount of deals a month, a certain amount of letters a month, a certain amount of deals a month, a certain amount of sales a month. It works out! It averages out, but my goal is there. I also have a goal where I want to be iin the future and my coach always said “If what you’re doing today is not getting you to the goal you’re headed for, why are you doing it?”

Heather: That makes sense.

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Nick: So, without vision, it’s just a dream, it’s a fantasy. You need to put vision in place. What I want from you ia a one year, five year and a ten year goal. That makes sense?

Heather: Yes.

Real Estate Sales LLC Coach Nick: SO, I am an avid bow and one arrow shooter. I hunt, I target shoot all the time. If you don’t focus on the center of the target, you’ll never hit the center of the target. Right now, we have a big white target, and I want you to start to put rings on it. and the further away we move that ring or that target the more precise that goal needs to be. We really need to put the vision in place. The hardes thing is to put that vision in place. If you don’t shoot for that target you’ll never hit it. And people without goals work for people that have goals. Now my goal, is for you to have goals.and to workfor it every single day. The statistics on them are ridiculous and I don’t care how good the training I have, and I don’t care how good seller leads I have, I don’t care how good Real Estate Investing Coach I am , If you don’t have a vision or a goal we’re not going to succeed!


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