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Testimonial Provided By Client: Bill

You may NOT understand the absolute blessing you and Real Estate Sales LLC (RES) has been to me and my family! You see about a year and a half before we bought into the Real Estate Sales LLC program my wife had lost her job; after 15 years on the job they paid her NO SEVERENCE! While I make well over six figures a year in my job, with the loss of her income I| found us upside-down (in the negatives) every month since her layoff. Every month I had to chip away at our savings just to make our monthly expenses… we had ONLY $10,000 left in our savings when I read about RES in a business magazine. After some extensive discussion with my wife and some sincere soul-searching; we pulled out the very last dime out of our savings feeling in our gut that RES had a solid program (not like so many fly-by-night scams we see on late night TV) and we believed in our hearts we could make that program work successfully.

We were assigned to Brian as our mentor and guide in learning and understanding how to succeed in wholesaling real estate; and I’m very grateful for that assignment. Amongst all my silly questions and bad mistakes Brain remained patient) and very supportive in aligning my thinking while providing specific instruction on what my next action should be! There has NOT been a single time where Brian was unable to quickly respond to any question, calls, emails or voicemails I may have left for him; night, day or weekend he was available.

My first deal was filled with mistakes that I made, so much so that I thought the deal would have to be scrapped. But through Brian’s direction was able to turn what seemed to be an entire loss into a $2,000 deal – thanks Brian! :)) And on my second deal Brian helped me avoid a huge mistake of splitting a large spread on the 50/50 with a co-wholesaler who found the Buyer for the deal.instead paying him (the co-wholesaler) a couple grand – again, thanks Brian! :)) Through Brian’s mentorship we were able to take our last bit of savings ($10,000) and more than double it inside four months!!!

Clearly this program works and their mentors know what they are doing… I’m looking forward to working with you and Brian over the years to come, in what I’m sure will be a fulfilling and profitable relationship.