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Testimonial Provided By Client: Bryan

Dear Brian/Real Estates Sales, LLC.,

Wanted to thank you for all of your HELP. I began with you in Feb. of 2015 and was making progress but unfortunately was involved in an almost fatal motorcycle accident in May of 2015 which really affected my ability to follow up with you . When I had recovered from the physical injuries and TBI (traumatic brain injury ) in Feb. 2017 I reached back out to you about where I was and received great news. Because I was unable to work with you I was concerned but when we spoke Brian you told me it wasn’t a problem and that you were ready to help me however you could.

When we began again in Feb. 2017 things were a bit different but better from my point of view. Our conversations have been exciting, educational and very helpful. The website data available on line through you is very helpful and helps me understand the best ways to oversee my business. Your assistance in setting up the master spreadsheet was very helpful and with this data available quickly really helps me control who, what, where and how to follow-up with my potential clients.

Wanted to say thanks again to you Brian/Real Estate Sales, LLC for me and my college freshman daughter Kaylyn. She has begun to show interest and who knows could be fun for both of us or at least help us be able to pay the college bills. With this opportunity Brian I truly believe great things are coming and very much look forward your mentoring, it has changed my life.
Thank you very much Brian/Real Estate Sales, LLC.for your help and belief in me…..