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Testimonial Provided By Client: Jacob

I cannot say how excited I am to be working with Real Estate Sales LLC and my Coach/Mentor! It’s great to have a coach that is available to you 7 days a week. I’m getting this real estate business started on the side from my regular JOB and I need a coach/mentor that is available to me 7 days a week working around my schedule. This was a big deal to me when I was checking out Real Estate Sales, LLC. I need to be productive with whatever time I can put towards this business because my goal is when I meet or beat my regular job income I want to quit and concentrate on building my own family business and build wealth for my kids and grandkids.

I heard Real Estate Sales, LLC had a much different system than all these other real estate seminar and coaching companies and it became reality when I started getting calls within just a few days of sending letters to the motivated sellers they gave me……. and then the fun began!

My coach/mentor is walking me through the process and helping me understand every single property opportunity that comes my way. My coach/mentor and I recently worked through the sale of a property. With the down payment I received from the Cash Buyer and the escrow amount, I made just under $27,000! (See Escrow Amount in Picture) $21,850.61).

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IF you are thinking about investing in real estate and you want to learn from active investors, this is the right company!