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Testimonial Provided By Client: Jon & Marilyn

I cannot express how excited we are to be working with our Coach and Real Estate Sales LLC. We started on Sept 22, 2017 and we were working hard marketing and working the process after a few short days. Within the first week we were getting very promising calls and in a hurry to continue training by Sept 29, 2017. We signed our first Option to Contract Oct 11, 2016 and just sold it Oct 30, 2017. I am thankful that my coach is working the system too and knows what obstacles we could run into. It is so refreshing to know that when I call with a question, he is giving me real life advice. With experience of investing himself. We now have goals in place to be out of our jobs and live our dream of working our own business full time.

November Update: We are excited to report that we have signed 4 contracts in the first 2 weeks and just sold 2 more properties for a total of 3!! We are so excited with the direction this is going and what we can see in our future. This program has made our dreams become more of a reality.

Jon & Marilyn