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Testimonial Provided By Client: Latasha and Natalie

Hi this testimonial is for clients of the Flip Cheap Houses program.

My name is Latasha and my business partner is Natalie and we work with Nick.

We have been in business less than 2 months and have 5 properties under contract.

There was a learning curve at first, but once we read and studied the material Nick gave us it started to come together and make sense.

We listen to everything our coach has to say even when we don’t see the vision.

He knows what this business looks like once its successful and that is what we want.

So it is imperative that you follow what he says to the letter if you want what he has.

Otherwise why are you here? This can be the business you have always wanted or at very least the side business you have wanted.

So, best advice ever, listen to your coach at Real Estate Sales LLC. We did, and we are crushing it!


Latasha and Natalie