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Tips and Tricks for Getting Listings as a New Real Estate Agent

If you are a new real estate agent you will need to work hard to get listings. Below you can find Tips and Tricks for Getting Listings as a New Real Estate Agent.

With this being said there are many different ways to make this happen, all you need is a game plan, a mentor and a system in place. As a new realtor you will need to be creative to find listings but you do not need to re-invent the wheel, just be aware that something that may have worked 15 years ago may not still work today. Below are many different ways for real estate agents to pick up listings. If you want to have success in this business you must be a people person and have the ability to build relationships and start new ones. If you enjoy building relationships and have the determination to succeed you will find more listings and will find them quicker than you ever imagined.

The first months in the real estate business are sure to be a challenge; getting your name out, finding clients, and securing your first listings are no small tasks. So how should brand new real estate practitioners go about establishing themselves in the market and start to reel in business? The short answer is to build a database and use contact management software to maintain a relationship with people you know and meet. Frequent and steady contact lets them know you take your business seriously and you want them as your clients, which is flattering to anyone. But the long answer is much more complex. First, you must consider how you want to work, who your best prospects are, what is an appropriate method of contacting these people, and what you can do to show prospects that you can offer them value. Then you must refine your business strategy and focus on acquiring clients—which, in turn, will lead to listings.

Have an open mind as to where you can develop these potential customers. Appropriate contacts are people you want to do business with. Many practitioners start with family and friends, but don’t stop there. Remember that people like your dry cleaner, barber, fitness trainer, and others you see often have already met you. It’s a lot easier to do business with people who know and like you. Include groups of people in your database you don’t see often. These can include former school friends, club and church members, sports acquaintances, business networking coffee groups, and neighbors. You’ll be surprised at how many people you know. Ask each person for their contact information, especially e-mail addresses. Tell them you want to send them some information about what you’re doing, and that you hope to help them one day with a move. The worst that can happen is they say no, and the best is that they give you the information that one day leads to a sale.

I have many friends that are realtors and the majority of them get most of their listings from open houses and networking with folks who come to an open house as browsers. Those browsers who come by are actually potential sellers and often are looking for areal estate agent at open houses. Don’t lose out on these opportunities and always strike a conversation with you visitors.

With a determined plan you can convert these potential sellers into listing appointments relatively easily. Simply ask or have materials out that appeal to sellers and then work those folks that show a serious interest. Real estate agents often want to hedge their bets and say the market sets the pricing and say that we need to look at the market statistics, average price per square foot, and days on market etc. Potential sellers don’t care about all that, they just want to know what their home is worth. Having split tested lots of questions like “Would you like to find out your home’s value”, “Do you want to know your house value”, etc. the question, do you want me to price your house for you wins 99% of the time as it is non-threatening and shows potential clients that you are a straight shooter and wont waste their time.

Every real estate sales professional will say that you have to pull the expired listings each day and dial for dollars, hoping that you can turn them into a quick listing. This makes sense as it is easier to convince someone to list with an agent who has already listed before. That said, please don’t spend all your time on these folks as you don’t want to spend all your time making up for the mistakes of others. Of course, you may be able to jump in there and save the day, repricing the house and getting it sold fast, but there is probably a reason it didn’t sell before and that reason will not just disappear overnight.That being said, there are a fair amount of these listings that don’t have phone numbers included or who don’t go right back under contract and these will be a gold mine in your marketing efforts. If you are going to prospect expired listings this way, don’t just pull down every one that comes along. You are going to have to do some research and put in some effort so having a smaller, more precise list makes more sense. Look for the price range you are farming or would like to start farming. Pick neighborhoods that would help your business grow.Once a month check through your expired listings list and see if they have listed with another agent yet. The ones who have, toss, the ones who haven’t and which are listings you would like to get, either drop by with something fun or send them a note with a piece of material that will help them.

Pick a niche, you should pick a neighborhood and pound on it with mailings, open houses and even door knocking if you roll that way. There is a service from the post office called Every Door Direct which allows you send postcards, flyers, etc. to every mailbox or home on a mail carriers route.Pick a neighborhood you love.If you are spending time growing a true farm, you better be sure that you are going to enjoy the locations and types of people who live there. For example, if you pick a high end waterfront community, you better enjoy talking about sailing and maybe even join the local marina.Sending a neighborhood mailing out 3 times a year is affordable ($.17 piece mailing + print costs on a flyer is about $200). Make sure your mailers are unique and stand out from the crowd.

Getting listings can be very challenging and getting creative is hard work but necessary.That said, all of these ideas involve getting systems in place and then just “working the system.” You won’t have to guess anymore about what to do, instead you will be able to pick and choose the listings that you want to take in the areas that are most friendly to you! Some other ways to find listings is to search on social media for leads, especially Facebook and to make sure to go after For Sale by Owner listings. In addition, make sure to leverage your buyers as this will allow you to generate solid referrals, after all, you want to strike while the iron is hot.

Stay persistent and don’t ever give up, getting your name out there is the hardest part of being new to the business. But if you follow these suggestions, and show a willingness to serve your clients’ needs, you’ll soon have enough business to keep you busy and will make quite a bit of money sooner rather than later. Remember, nothing worthwhile comes for free, so dig in and make your career a great one. Getting Listings New Real Estate Agent


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