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Nov 29 Why Real Estate Investments’ Future depends on Real Estate Sales LLC’s Lead Generation system

In November, 2016 there are more Real Estate Investments in place than at any other time. There is no reason to believe that this competition will subside in the coming months or years, in fact Real Estate Investors should prepare for even more competition. In 2008, after the crash it was so easy to find below market deals, folks did not need to be strategic as banks and homeowners were practically begging folks to buy homes. The Real Estate investments climate has changed drastically and folks can’t count on finding profitable deals on the MLS or on your local county courthouse… Read more

Nov 21 Learn the Secrets that will give You an Unfair Advantage if You Decide Flipping Homes

Flipping homes is an investing technique that many investors use to make huge profits! The key to flip homes is to buy right and slash the risk. Buying right consists of knowing your market and making a repair plan. You cut risk by buying with cash instead of borrowing. Risk can also be cut by acting FAST! Buy fast and sell fast, don’t wait around and risk the marketing turning against you. When flipping homes, you need to consider some factors like: First, you should figure out how much money you have to invest without borrowing. Before buying, get to know… Read more

Aug 17 Basic rules with buying properties

I have a few basic rules with buying properties that I’ve established over the years working at Real Estate Sales LLC. Below  you can find the basic rules with buying properties One of them being: If you wouldn’t let your wife and kids move into it without you….DON’T BUY IT! As you never know when you may end up living in it yourself. Long story for another post….lol. As with any rules, there’s times to break them and times to not and these rules aren’t for everyone. If I would have stuck to this rule I wouldn’t have had a… Read more

Aug 07 What your Real Estate Investing Coaching “Programs” Don’t want you to know

I have worked with several investors that have been in the Real Estate Investing game for many years. When I first started as a newbie, the one thing that was very obvious was they were all unique in their own way. I am not talking about their personalities or their looks, even though they were all an acquired taste. But one thing that was very clear was that they all had their own “formula” to success. It took time to learn that each person had a method and all of them had holes in it. Every investor lost money which… Read more