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Oct 11 5 Tips for Better Home Sales

Hi. Below I am going to share with you 5 tips for better home sales. Here we go: Tip number one: Make the outside of your home presentable. I recommend trimming the bushes, power washing the siding and driveway, planting flowers, ect. Be creative and give your home the curb appeal people want to see…. Read more

Oct 09 Selling your house in 90 days

Selling your house in 90 days really depends on these three things: location, price, and condition. Location is extremely important when it comes to selling and pricing your house. This is an important factor because a house’s condition and price can be altered, but the location cannot. Think about it, if your house is located… Read more

Oct 07 Top 3 Cheapest Properties to Purchase

I love this subject “Top 3 Cheapest Properties to Purchase” because when you’re first starting out, you don’t have a lot of money. Now what? Work my fingers to the bone and save as much money as I can so that I can take such a huge risk on a 6-figure property. An economic change… Read more

Sep 29 How to Find a Good Real Estate Attorney

There are many questions you can ask when finding a good real estate attorney. Do not look to pinch your pennies when finding a good real estate attorney. Real Estate attorneys can be very helpful and will be a great source for you if you find a good one. They can direct you to good… Read more

Sep 27 Real Estate Market

When investing in real estate you need to understand trends in your local real estate market. Some markets are red hot while others are very cold. Knowing the Real Estate Market As an investor, you should not always look for those markets that are red hot instead you should look for those up and coming areas… Read more

Sep 25 Real Estate Business

When building a real estate business you need to be sure you have a business plan in place and have goals for your entity. When starting any business, you need a mentor, someone that you can go to with any and all questions you may have, this couldn’t be any more true than in real… Read more

Sep 22 Duplex vs single family home

What is the better investment: a duplex or a single family home? The answer depends on the investor, both have their benefits and drawbacks. A duplex can be a tremendous investment for a buy and hold and can cash flow that much better than a single family home as you have two units instead of… Read more

Sep 21 Ethics of foreclosure

One of the most difficult ethical dilemmas facing real estate investors is the morals with negotiating with an owner facing a foreclosure. Are you helping the motivated seller or are you a vulture seeking to make a dollar on the misfortune of an individual. It’s important to always be respectful with your clients and treat… Read more

Sep 19 Mobile homes

Most people have negative thoughts when discussing mobile homes. This is a shame as mobile homes can be very nice and are homes that some folks take great pride in. I know plenty of investors that have made a small fortune investing in mobile homes. There are many benefits associated with mobile homes The most… Read more

Sep 17 Choosing a property

The main reason most folks invest in real estate is for the returns, which include cash flow and appreciation of property. Real estate is an asset that has the ability to produce monthly income and gain substantial profits on sale or refinance of the property. A few things to consider when Choosing a property If… Read more