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Feedback from Student Doug

This is another interview with one of our students, Doug about the real estate sales investing training and support that we do here at Real Estate Sales LLC which we strongly believe it is the best Real Estate Investing Program nearby. We are  we are an A+ Rated Company.

Please find below the Video interview and then the transcript:

Real Estate Sales Coach Nick: I want to know your expectations when you started compared to what you’re seeing now. Are they different ?

Doug: For me, the key to make the investment was the fact that I was going to have good support and be able to tap into that essentially any time i need it. From that standpoint it’s completely met my expectations. You Nick have been extremely supportive and every time I’ve called or everytime I’ve texted I’ve always got a response back and that has been just consistent. So from that standpoint has been perfect. Of course, I’ve had a break in my momentum, because of some life issues happened while I was in Washington where I got the business started. So it crippled my momentum so I had to relocate and we came all the way from Washington out to North Carolina, but I on my own while my wife and daughter are in Washington still I was essentially a bachelor for a year. But I started the business back up on my own while I was working full time and behols I succeeded in closing a deal in a relatively short period of time

Nick: we’ve been through a lot together and getting you transitioned over and understanding different markets and different things to do and that’s been fun, all all in itself .

Do you think you’ve been given the tools that you’ve needed and I’ve asked you the same question twice but with a little different spin, do you think you’ve got the tools that you’ve needed?

Doug: YES! I have been given the tools that I need and I am very happy with the process and the real estate investing mentoring program provided by Real Estate Sales LLC and every time I’ve asked for support I’ve got it in the training materials, I’ve been able to go back to and pull information to remind myself of what I needed to do in a section. I have no claims. It’s been great. Yeah!

Nick: Do you think that there would be anything through all of this that you could help me improve on whether it be training maybe one-on-one time do , I mean that is there anything that off the top of your head you wish you had gotten a little bit more of?

Doug: Well there were times when I talked to myself “Nick, why didn’t you just tell me that?! Why didn’t you just tell me that out of the gates?” , but I think it wasn’t a matter of you trying to hide me anything. It was a matter of understanding what I needed. That’s all. And maybe I wasn’t asking the question right. I mean I don’t put the blame on you but I was kind of a couple times like “Oh man! why didn’t just told me that sooner, I could have already gone this direction and handled something quicker but you know a part of me was thinking that might’ve that’s part of the design because you’ve got to … YOU HAVE TO DO IT! You’ve got to learn it and you can’t just have somebody hand it to you with every little thing you got to work through it so that you know what to do.

So you know, looking back, I’ve learned what I needed to learn and so now I Can’t really think of anything that I would say you should done different or could you better…

Nick: So Michael with the training is to give you the foundational pieces, I don’t know if you’ve heard me saying it, but essentially you’re building a machine and putting those pieces together and my job is to teach you how to oil it, where to oil it, what pieces to change what pieces to be watching and paying attention to and hey by the way, this piece may get hot if you running so my goal is to teach you the experience as we go, but I get often times them they’re like “I can’t believe it you haven’t told me that”. In fact I just had that not an hour ago. They experience in the situational teaching is where is all about. It is that coaching part is what is all about, because it keep my goal is to keep you out of trouble but also to teach you how to tweak it enough to where you can make the most amount of money and protect you, the seller, the buyer all at once.

We’ve been working together long enough I have a hard time even thinking of questions, I know the leads are important to me, we as a company, spend a lot money on the leads in the lead system.
How important to you are our leads?

Doug: Oh. I can’t think of much that’s more important than the leads you know besides the support and education piece, THE LEADS ARE GOLD!

Nick: The most important part of it. I work hard hard on it, let alone tech and the company spending the money and making the servers are up and all of that stuff, how smooth was your first deal, how easy did it go for you?

Doug: so I did a double close, I think it was relatively easy, giving all the moving parts that I had , that surprised me a little bit with the deal and all and all the little things that kind of came up because all of a sudden I was in the language with an investor who done a lot of this and with attorneys who knew everything and in a seller not educated in it but was demanding in a lot of ways and I didn’t have a lot of the answers, so there was a lot of I had to kind of going back and forth and just from the learning standpoint getting trough that, it wasn’t easy, but it was great, I really had a lot of fun with it. At the same time it wasn’t overly difficult either. Now, just having breaking through the ice, done that once, the next one will be much much easier if it’s anything like this one was and I know there’s variation out there, but now I’ve got an attorney, I’ve got other investors I talked to and I’m learning more and more every day so it’s becoming that much more exhilarating, it’s just a lot of fun!

Nick: And those buyers, how important are those relationships? (I know that I hammer the all the time, and I know we’ve talked about it numerous times, how important are those relationships ?)

Doug: Well , again, they are the key! You know have a buyer, you know what are you going to do so for me , just getting somebody who just says “Yea’ll work with you, so you bring me these kinds of properties..:” or “You are in this area ..yeah I’ll buy those ” and “hey I’ll go look at the property with you ..” . Building those relationships and getting foundational buyers is awesome. But just then having a portfolio of them would be that much better.

I found it hasn’t been very hard to find them honestly . For me, I’ve found them to come about pretty easy there’s a lot of people out there that are willing to work with you they need the service that I provide, they tell me that. Some of them are pretty happy to work with wholesalers.

Nick: Do they say anything about working with real estate agents? Have you heard them saying anything about it?

Doug: Well, I have one that I talked with realtor who’s wife is a real estate agent so he’s got a setup around that .. the 5 or 6 others that I ping off of now

Nick: Ok. Yeah! I get a lot of “I don’t like working with real estate agents”.

I’ve been going through the list as you’re talking of the questions. I want to ask you pretty much hit them as we go through so I’me just skimming through them .. last couple:

Do you think anybody could do this?

Doug: Yeah. Anybody can do it, if they put their mind to it, yeah!

I’ve done enough things where I wanted to make a lot of money and then it ended up being more involved or more work than I wanted to do or have time to put for and steer away from it, but I always knew that I have this great entrepreneurial streak in me that never stops so this time with this one and snot that I’ve done a million of them but I run some online stores and some entrepreneurial things but with this one I was determined, I needed to make sure I learn that A to Z and that I make a certain amount to make my money back, and then I can see if I like it or not whatever, and then make a decision around that as to what I’m going to continue with it or not. It’s a matter of putting your mind to it and sticking with it, it devoting time to it, to learn it, anybody can do it. It’s just you got to do it, you can’t say “I signed up for it, I got a coach and now put it on the shelf and if it didn’t give me any money and I’ve been there, you know I thought I bought a slot machine that didn’t work…” so you gotta put the time into it, that’s all.

Nick: So, I want to shift gears and want to talk about your goals, and what I really want to do right now is you’re talking to yourself about six months down the road and I want you to tell me your short-term, mid-term long-term so again, you are talking to you six months from now.

Doug: Six months from now I’m probably starting to see a $6,000 a month income. That is my short term, within a year to be making an average, closing one deal a month and by six months I’ll have closed a few deals at least . In terms of mid-term goal three to five years from now is closing multiple deals per month totaling over $200,000 a year easily.

At that point I’m probably well networked, I’ve got a lot of associates working with them in the industry and I’ve built a lot more aoutlets and I’m look at as reliable and credible and from that point I’m able to fill opportunities from multiple different sources in the three to five year period that’s what I expect to see in the long term.

After 5 years, 7 years to ten years my plan is to be doing full time running a full time real estate investment company.

Nick: I’m trying to pull a little bit more out of you because you’ve got great goals setting there, but I haven’t see a smile, haven’t seen the excitement, I’m trying to figure out what lights a fire under your butt so to speak, so I mean really where do you want to go, what is it that ablsolutelly lights your fire and I’ll tell you Doug, for me, it may be that woman sitting next to you that puts you there and why. Really try to figure out in your own mind, in your own heart what is that fire, what’s that passion we’re truly do you want to hit.

Doug: Well, to be completely my own boss and have my own company. Tha’s absolutely. and to be able to make the choices that I want to make that nobody else makes for me.



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