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21 Ways to Generate More Real Estate Leads

There are many important components to a successful real estate business, however the most important without a doubt is access to leads or how you Generate More Real Estate Leads. If you are the smartest guy or gal in the room it wont make a difference if you don’t have the leads.

You could be the best closer in your town but if you don’t have the leads your talent for closing will never come to fruition. You can access leads in a variety of ways, below is a list of 21 ways to generate more real estate leads for your growing real estate business.

Please be aware that each market is different, some of these may work very well while others may not have the same impact, whatever the case may be I encourage you to try many of them and settle on the ones that work best for you in your market.

So, How do you Generate More Real Estate Leads?

  1. Direct mailings
  2. Cash buyer and motivated seller ads on craigslist
  3. Networking with other investors/investing groups
  4. Build a website for your business
  5. Run a SEO campaign to attract motivated sellers and cash buyers
  6. Always ask folks if they know of any great deals
  7. Google probate attorneys in your town and network with them
  12. Ask banks for their REO list
  13. Find a foreclosure list provider
  14. Find list of for sale by owner homes
  15. Join your local REIA group
  16. Visit your courthouse’s clerk office and look through list of foreclosed homes
  17. Build a Facebook page for your business and post weekly
  18. Post bandit signs
  19. Conduct skip traces for mailing that is returned
  20. Set up an automated phone system for motivated sellers
  21. Drive through neighborhoods and look for vacant homes.

Good luck with your real estate investing career. I assure you that if you are committed and try these different ways to generate leads, you will start seeing results very soon. Happy Investing